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Rider Groups

Looking for a crew? Have a group ride planned? Or want more to join your posse? Look Here

Esk8 Market

Want to buy? or Want to sell? Electric skateboard related items. Post Here

Esk8 Events

Human beings are social creatures, we love to share ideas and be part of communities. In the E-board Events Category, you can plan & discuss meet-up events in your local area. Get out from behind the screen & compare our builds, race each other, swap rides & celebrate the eboard builders community face-to-face.

Buying Guides & Help

Buying an electric skateboard or accessories can be very confusing, in this category you can find information or ask fellow community members questions to help you make the correct buying decision based on your own personal requirements.

Photos & Videos

Love taking photos & videos of electric skateboards? Share Here


All about board performance. Facts about How Far, How Fast, How Long, How Much. Get technical about it in here:


Looking for or wanting to share advice about electric skateboard maintenance, or riding techniques, safety info or just general esk8 instructions? Knowledge is power, come here and share the knowledge!

Form & Function

Discussion about Electric Skateboard Design, Features, Asthetics, Functions. What design features do you want to see on electric skateboards? What features do you like/hate the most?

Board Reviews

Share your product reviews here so that others can make better buying decisions

Other Electric Vehicles

If you love electric skateboards there is a good chance you are also interested in other emerging or disruptive electric vehicle technology that is entering the market. use this category to share other cool electric vehicles with the community.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.