30/07/2018 - First Impressions - 45 Km



Finally I got my Raptor 2… I had ride about 45 km by now, and this is what I can tell you guys (first impressions)…


  • New wheel formula looks Ok (only 45 km), ride is comfortable even on bad roads.
  • Size 90 is perfect to me. (I have the 96 and crossover but didnt try it yet).


  • Trucks are very good, very responsive, you feel safe, the only but is they are rakeless trucks, I would love some rake trucks. (check this @onloop )


  • Bushings are Ok, but I swap them to venom and was a nice upgrade

Riser pads:

  • Front is very good
  • Back is rubber, I dont like rubber riser pads, feels week and fuck (bent) the bolts


  • Feels so good on the front foot, I hope it is long lasting!
  • Is stiff, just what you need to ride fast as fuck!
  • Griptape is awesome, you will feel damn safe
  • Very comfortable, tail works perfect


  • Handles are so wrong, they are so useless and only make you hate them, until you put some overgrip(tennis) over them, this is a must!!! otherwise they are useless!, the overgrip make you forget about the wrong balance.
  • @onloop I will buy really happy new rubber/plastic handles to the R2!!, please think about it!


  • Motors are monsters!! they can do whatever you try.
  • Very quiet
  • Freewheel was not so good, so when you go fast and let go the throttle, motors will slow you down a bit and can make you fall down (@onloop is this normal?)


  • Housing is strong and light and very well designed
  • There are no battery SAG at all
  • After 21 km with some goods uphills remains 30%


  • Connection is solid all the time
  • Feels cheap
  • I have 2 remotes, the one came with the board and another one from black friday sale, both are wrong:
  1. The first one did make my whole experience about the Raptor 2 so horrible, I couldn’t believed, the board was jerky and dangerous, I can only ride the board on SLOW mode, these was because the throttle buttom get stuck forward or backward, so somethimes I was cruising without pushing the throttle, then stucks came again and freewheel was very poor, RSPEC mode was imposible to ride, I got uncontrolable speeds up or brakes try to kill you.

  2. I went to the other remote (black friday one), these was a new world, another board, so smooth and responsive, amazing ride, brakes working perfect, freewheel a lot better, a lot!, RSPECT mode is smooth as silk, (uphill is different because the freewheel as sayd before). Then I went to charge the remote and it was unable to charge! fail!

So as you can read @onloop you did build a premium esk8 but with these remotes the whole experience can sucks badly!


  • Premium board
  • Smooth as butter
  • Comfortable
  • New wheel formula is working
  • Very waterproof (with some minor faults on the back truck)
  • Is a beast!
  • Damn sexy


  • Remote!!! It fucking sucks! (this only can make you pick another board to get, needs a realiable remote)


  • Remote
  • Weight
  • Freewheel, so you can let go the throttle in a confident way
  • Handles (material and design)
  • Back riser pad (needs to be hard with a 1/8" rubber IMO)


  • New Handles
  • Color wheels
  • Backpack (was very hard go to shopping with the board, weight will destroy you)
  • Decks (some big brand deck colaborations, Landyachtz, Zenit, Moonshine)
  • Rake Trucks (I will love to see some RONIN colaboration trucks, doesnt need to be precision, just cast RONIN trucks)
  • Offroad KIT


  • New remote, this time premium and reliable one, the one the board deserves!

These are my first impressions, I’m happy but with 2 broken remotes, so I just can ride until my remote will empty his battery.



Freewheeling should feel like freewheeling. The coasting should be on par with Meepo/Ownboard/Wowgo. At speed it should feel ALMOST the same as coasting on a non-electric long/skateboard.