Any Excuse to Ride! (Does anybody else use every excuse under the sun to ride!?)




I use any excuse i can, I only live 4 miles from work but if I rode I have to ride the sidewalk and that’s no fun. I wish my City had more bike Lanes


I’m quite lucky in that I live in a town which has dedicated bus lanes that are not in service when I commute - so they are basically full roads that are empty and cut through the middle of the town. They are begging to be used at 4:30am! Haha!

I made a little film about them:


Yep. For sure. It’s only 0.8 miles to my Mom’s place. I now take the long way around the lake, which is nearly 5 miles.


Yes, I shop at a grocery store that’s 5 times further away just because it’s a longer ride.