Autonomous esk8? The tech is here NOW. NVIDIA Jetson


Would you ride an Electric Skateboard that takes you place’s autonomously?

Just select your destination, stand on and go.


Not for me, I enjoy the way to find new routes and turn the board with my body!


I don’t think it’s mentioned in the video, but the MIT team replaced the standard ESC with VESC, utilizing its servo control port for steering.


well that’s kinda obvious. But no one is asking to make a comparaison between eboarding and this. That’s like skaters saying they don’t like eboarding because they like to push. You can like both.


I think this type of technology will be the tipping point for majority of the population to buy LEV

Skateboarding is a learned skill, remove the need to learn a new skill and you remove the barrier to mass adoption.

This could be the technology that disrupts walking.


So do you ride skateboards cus it’s fun or for a novelty? or just to commute? If you ride just to commute, what makes you choose a skateboard over a bycle or scooter or other more safe options for commuting?

To me this sounds unsafe, the rider needs to be in control of a skateboard, You guys are talking about some floating wheel chair like in Wall’e. Is this a skateboarding forum a d Wall’e chair building forum for lazy people?

Not to mention I see old and disabled people in those fancy high speed chairs already, I even raced a dude one on the street for fun, his machine was pretty quick already…put auto stuff in those where people lack the ability to drive or control them…seems a more worthy goal than an autonomous skate…


The beauty of electric Skateboards is that they are fairly simple device’s. I’m not 100% convinced that more ore tech will make the experience better.

But new technology always finds a way to sneak into gear. Maybe it will be a requirement of law, to make esk8 safer?

Maybe something like automatic anti speed wobble system would be a nice feature.

Also, Radar that warns of rapidly approaching objects from rear (blind spots) would be nice.


Agreed. KISS. Keep it stupid simple. Missing the YouTube vlog updates Jason, I hope the house move is going well!


Yeah… Fully busy packing…

I’ll try to make some more videos during our trip…


That’s a good one!!