BATTERIES / Lithium ion vs LiFePO4


Because lithium ion batteries have about 300 - 500 recharge duty cycles before degrading, might there be anyone that has tinkered with LiFePO4 batteries, which have a 2000 - 3000 recharge duty cycle?

I currently have an EE looking into changing my WowGo 2s batteries to the LiFePO4 kind.

Anyone? Bueller?


This chart may be of interest. Notice how the DoD (Depth of Discharge) affects the discharge cycles before a lithium ion battery degrades to 85% capacity. UPSHOT: Buy the biggest battery you can, so you will apply less stress to it when used on more frequent short runs.




After chatting with a Battery Builder, I will be abandoning the idea of LiFoPO4 batteries. They simply don’t hold enough amps.

Instead, I’m think I’ll be using 18650 q30 batteries, which hold a robust 3 amps each.

More about this as things develop.


I like LiFePO4 because they last a long time. But they are for boards with a shorter range, like commuter boards and shortboards with a tail. Range is capped around 15 miles for a regular weight and size board using LiFePO4 but it is a better battery. Just bigger and heavier per amp*hour.

Popular boards using them are the Metroboard “Shortboard” and the Boosted brand boards.


Great info. Thanks! For the same amount of amps as lithium ion, how much more volume would a LiFePO4 pack need to be?


Not sure but I’d guess 60% more volume and 60% more weight. That’s a back-of-the-envelope-style guess. As someone who’s worn-out batteries that are very expensive to replace, I can say not to underestimate the longer lifespan :slight_smile:

Of course on the longest-range boards you can’t really use LiFePO4 – but on short range boards, it’s not bad if done correctly. Also the voltage is a tad different so where you’d use a 10S li-ion/lipo battery for example, you’d use a 12S LiFePO4 to achieve a similar voltage.


Thanks! I REALLY appreciate your input.

I’ll wait for solid state batteries to become available. With minutes to reach a substantial recharge, one only needs enough battery capacity to reach the next fast food restaurant or Starbucks.

What are you thoughts about plugging a 2nd battery of same chemistry and size into the charging port of the first battery?