Battery range for 250 lbs

Hello! I just recently purchased my first eskateboard and I would like some advice. It is a used Backfire G2S. I know I took some risk in buying a used board but Inam okay with that. I get maybe 4 miles of range before the board completely dies. I am 250 lbs. Is that to be expected for this board considering my weight? According to their website my battery is a 5ah 180wh 36v 10s2p ($150). They have an upgraded battery for sale which is 6ah samsung 30q 216wh 36v $210. Should I go with the samsung battery? Or can I DIY or custom make a battery with more capacity? If so, how big a battery can I build?


With 13 months of nearly daily riding, I have between 3,000 to 3,500 miles on my electric skateboard. My daily commute is between 14 - 18 miles, depending on if I feel like taking the long way home. I’ve modified my WowGo 2s with range extender batteries; taking it from 4.4ah to 17.2ah. Given enough runway on level ground and a decent patch of asphalt, the GPS is reports top speeds of 30.1mph. Otherwise, 28mph is easily the norm. I weigh 161 lbs.

These tips will extend your battery life:

  1. Top speed. Go slower.
  2. Terrain. Avoid hills.
  3. Acceleration. Avoid jackrabbit starts.
  4. Rider weight. This can be countered by following the above tips.

For range extending batteries, from eBay I got 4.4ah, hoverboard battery packs for $30 each including shipping. Terrific deal, as they include BMSs, too.

My WowGo 2s is highly modified. I replaced the deck with a Magneto Cruiser, bamboo/fiberglass deck. This flexible deck allows me to hold a top speed longer.

Because I mounted the trucks to the new deck as drop-thru, which lowers the deck a 0.5", I moved the ESC and all batteries atop the deck. I like the slightly lower center-of-gravity. My truck kingpins are slightly looser, which offsets the common complaint about drop-thrus having a wider turning radius.

Doug :slight_smile:
Oakland, CA