Berlin (and around) eskaters say hi!


Hey all, I was hoping to be able to set up some meetups and group rides in and around Berlin. However, I’ve not seen a lot of riders around, so I was hoping that with this topic I can get some folks together for this.

Just reply to this topic and state whereabouts you are located and I’ll let you know when I organize something!


Hi Jamy,

You can find some Berlin skaters here:

and here:



Hey! I’m not from Berlin or surroundings, I’m from Spain ( living in Amsterdam ) and I would love to go for group ride! Count me on!!


Group ride in Berlin Pfingstsonntag May 20th!
Are you in?

Don’t know where to meet yet, do you have any suggestions? Maybe Tempelhof?


Looks like the 20th is the opening for Skate by Night so I think most people will go to that instead.


Thanks man, that’s great, I didn’t know about that.
So do you wanna meet some time before it starts? Maybe cruise a bit then grab some dinner and charge the boards and afterwards go to the group ride?