Best electric board 2018!


Off course is our beast, the Raptor 2.1 (2 in my case)!!!

So we made the right choice!!! Thanks to Enertion team and @onloop to make this board so damn good!!!

Also won in other categories, check the Jay Boston video.



“Best electric skateboard for experienced riders” “Best street setup on electric skateboard” “Best electric skateboard of 2018”

Thanks to you guys! We could not be happier!


Which one is second-best?


Considering the general demographic that voted I’d say that would have to be the Meepo.


“Best Electric Skateboard I wish I could own”

“The best feel electric skateboard”

“The highest quality electric skateboard”

My guess goes for the LACROIX even if Jay doesn’t really know how to write it :man_facepalming:


It’s possible the misspellings are intentional to mislead consumers away from the actual brand, but according to Hanlon’s Razor they are probably not intentional.