Best Electric Skateboarding Channels On YOUTUBE


Anyone out there making really cool videos about electric skateboards?

post the link in this thread…





This guy has been absolutely killing it. Very unique style and he catches a lot of the action.


My wife and I made this video a couple of years ago when we got our boosted boards. I plan on making more regular esk8 videos once I get my Raptor 2. I used to shoot a lot of car club videos. Hoping to bring that same idea to the esk8 community here in Southern California.



Sweet new video from Tishawn Fahle! Mixture of DIY boards and the Raptor 2 :sunglasses: Subscribe to his channel, he’s based in NYC so you’re in for an esk8 treat.


Just started a new channel for testing performance of electric skateboards. Here’s the channel intro and our first video of the Raptor 2 Long Beach event.




Group ride with 12 esk8ers


Another aussie esk8 vlogger


here is my youtube channel about esk8 (tutorials, reviews, interviews, crazy boards out there), it’s in spanish


Latest Esk8 Tests video from last week’s performance day. Great time with some great people!


eSk8r channel!!! :slight_smile:


Here we go guys FabTrav discovery of the Raptor2