Blue Jacket Park & Lake Baldwin Orlando Eboarding



I ran into some eboarders today at this park in Baldwin Park in Orlando. If you guys see this let me know when the next group ride will be.

FYI to other eboarders in Orlando if you haven’t tried this park and the 2.5 mile loop around Lake Baldwin you should check it out.



Was just there this weekend for a Group ride, I want to move to Orlando it’s such an amazing place and the bike Lanes are crazy good.


I’m so annoyed that I’m at work in the UK right now.
Hope you guys are doing an event later in the year so I can make the proper arrangements. #enjoy


So is that a trail in Winter Garden? I haven’t been out that way yet. I checked out Gemini Springs two weeks ago after I saw that video from a few months back. I went to Jay Blanchard Park yesterday which wasn’t bad. So far I like the Baldwin Park area the most. I think I met Guido and a couple other guys yesterday.

Looks like I just missed the last group ride. I’ve got the evolve bamboo GTX with AT wheels so I don’t think I would have made that long run. I love how smooth the ride is with AT wheels but I’m only getting 12-13 miles before it kicks into ECO mode. Eventually I’ll try street wheels but I like not having to worry about every crack and stone in the road.


I used Evolve 107s they are so smooth, no not as smooth as pnumatics but way smoother than any other urathane wheel.


I plan on getting the 107s when I upgrade to street wheels. Are you using the 32T or 38T drive gears? How many miles are you getting on those wheels?


I used 33t LongHairBoy pullies and enertion 36t pullies but I usually ride with the 33t cause my set up has so much torque already. Riding really hard I get 18ish miles if I cruis its closer to 30miles range.


I just read LHB’s site about his bamboo gtx battery mod. I wonder how much more range that would give me considering what I’m getting now. Maybe I’ll just email him.


Maybe He would know @longhairedboy