Boosted Board - Wear a F**king Helmet!



New video up on my channel - please share and pass the helmet love! :slight_smile:



Should put the link in the text not the title of the thread, the link in the title doesn’t work.



Good video, I didn’t know this latest guy but I did personally speak to Derek on the forums alot he was very experienced, knowledgeable and he was a hell of a rider and he still sadly passed away last November I don’t know the details of what happened but I assume he was also not wearing a helmet. Not for your self but for your family and friends please wear a helmet because they are the ones that suffer because of your decision not to wear protection.


Thanks mate; I’m new to the forum so need to work my way around it’s features. :slight_smile:


Thanks for helping and posting this bro. :slight_smile:


Welcome ! Basically anything from supported video or pictures, you just paste the URL and you will see in the preview on the right if it’s showing or not.

Ontopic: I was also a fool once, I now wear the helmet regardless. We need more awareness

The biggest issue for me is that it ruins my hairstyle. So if anyone has a solution for that ^^


Ah! So it does! Cheers bro! :slight_smile:

Big of you to be honest! I think most people do; especially early on.

Now the hairstyle; vanity does come a close second to safety. Now bare with me on this solution… don’t dismiss it immediately! I’ve searched for a definitive solution that is also cost effective:


Rofl, that would be cold. But you got the ball rolling…



Haaaaaaaa!! That is the most ridiculous thing!! You’d look like a Lego man rolling down the street. I would suggest these gloves to go with it…


Would rock the socks off of that helmet shell. Is it something I can actually purchase