He’s a cool guy I got to meet him last January when I went up to Orlando for a group ride, it was alot of fun, I got to try out the Carvon Evo prototype (meh) and alot of other cool boards he had there.


Jason, wear longer shorts lol


I live in Australia bro… Short-shorts are a part of our culture… lol. :wink:


Hey serious question what’s better evolve board with lhb modification or raptor 2


Belt vs hubs. For the price difference I’d get the Raptor 2, which will cost you about half I think. If it wern’t for the price difference I would go with the Raptor 2 also. But I’m biased.


Belt drive / hub motor - Flexy deck / solid deck - High speed / lower speed and carving. Two very different boards, so it comes down to your skating style :slight_smile:


GTX feels like a wet noodle I don’t like the deck maybe the carbon gt rides better.


I can’t be the only one seeing this.