E-Skate Glove - flatland3d




That’s some regualar bicycle gloves. Had similiar as a kid :slight_smile:


I bought some bicycle gloves much cheaper and they look the same, what the difference do the palm padding have plastic instead of regular soft padding


Meant to prevent broken wrist Because it slides across the ground?? Who wants to test that theory?


I generally use a fox biking glove when I ride… hmm maybe I can glue a few finger pucks to the Palm and it will be just as good lol


Wish it was cheaper any discount code, I’m down to try them out @onloop


Need to contact the people who make them.

I’m just sharing this link because I thought it was interesting that Skateboard glove makers are now specifically advertising their products to esk8ers…

The tide’s are turning. Esk8 going main stream.