Electric skateboard battery


I want to use Samsung lion battety or it is my semester project so i dont want to spend too much or the use skateboard is that not much because i want to show only at the time of distribution project

So plss suggest me the battery and the components i can use with the battery like esc or bms or i will run it using arduino so plss suggest me the cheap Samsung battery with its capacity to run upto 1 hr at 5km/hr


hi, i can not answer your question. i do not even understand your question completely. But I can tell you to look in the electric-skateboard, builders forum (link below). Maybe you will get an answer there.
This forum here is not really used for DIY projects, I guess.


If it’s any help… I was gonna have a custom battery built for my WowGo 2. Turned out to be too much trouble, because you have to figure out the maximum current draw to choose the correct BMS board. Wanting to avoid a financial fiasco by choosing the wrong BMS, I ultimately bought another WowGo factory battery, which, luckily, was 10% off.