Electric Skateboard Racing! who's out there



Get out there and race.


Such a cool idea. I really like the idea of track racing. The problem is traveling with these boards is not easy. I’m in So Cal and would love to hop a plane to come up there for a quick race, but with all of the plane regs, there’s no way I could get my board on the plane. It seems like most of these sorts of races will need to be local skaters that are close enough to drive.


I’m ready to start doing this too. I think its time Daytona got a taste of LHB. Starting off with talking to go-cart track owners is an excellent idea.

I want to do something similar to grand prix style racing and there’s a lot of cart tracks in central florida to get it started. I just have to find people in the area willing to race some boards.


Looks awesome, will have to find a way to do this local nyc. We just hosted the ecar formula one race in Redhook


They let a few eSk8 from the NYC group take a few eSk8 laps after the end! Sadly I was not there to try this time!


Hey guys, my two cents, I’ve asked my local go cart track if me and a couple others can skate in their go kart track in an off peak time. They were happy for us to do so as long as we accepted liability for injuries. So I see it even as an indoor activity on a rainy day for a couple friends


I contacted a few tracks in So Cal. First one to respond was not good news. Here was her response:

This is California, lawsuit capital of the world and unfortunately, our insurance company would have a kitten if we did that…sorry!

I asked about having everyone sign a waiver and she said that it was not legal for people to sign a waiver for gross negligence which is what her insurance company would be worried about. I’m trying a couple others, so still hopeful there might be an option around here.


All terrain (mountainboard) races on bmx track, in Germany.

Im not sure how germans organized it but for off road mountainboards they got some sort of bmx track, I assume the rules are way different compared to go cart race track, as bmx tracks probably are not as much regulated and include safety hazards when using them in the first place anyways

The only video which I could quickly find is this one:

Original source:

Though, that was back in 2014… and you can see many of the big boards using brushed motors and probably lead acid batteries.

On the diy forum there was topic about it, where some more ‘typical’ mountainboards (lipo batteries, outrunner motors) competed in similar race track. And I believe they also had the ‘competition’ in 2015 / 2016 years, too…

The 2014 event is an older one by now.


For anyone in the Southern California area, we are planning a performance day on August 13th somewhere between LA and OC. Details are over on the .builders forum.


man i wish i could come. :slight_smile:


this is so cool!

How did they give you permission to use your esk8 in the kart track?
i would like to negotatiate with some karts tracks in spain.


This is one of the best organised and documented electric skateboqrd racing event I have seen to date.


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While watching the esk8 awards it was mentioned that @onloop has an R2 that he cracked 100kph with. Can’t find any info on this. Would be fantastic if it could be confirmed… anyone have any info on this or is it urban myth like Bigfoot…?

. It was mentioned at 44:55 https://youtu.be/cBcP9rLbmjE


Man C’mon there no Raptor going 100Kph it is just a stupid mistake from the host…




. @onloop. You need to build the Raptor2+2. Raise the kv and make it happen.


-1 thats 3! Quick math!


Open to all manufactures and DIY Esk8 race. Evolve world cup just announced they will hold an open race event the Sunday of their world cup weekend… All Boards Invited to Compete. More to come on this Southern California Race Event.