Enertion Raptor 2 - Accident

Hey guys.

I was riding near top speed the other day and one of my drive wheels unraveled. Took 2 steps and just had enough time to tuck and roll before slamming into the pavement. I’m careful to avoid bumpy pavement that could chunk up my wheels and this time was no different. Street as smooth as could be in a newly painted bike lane.

Has this happened to anyone else? I loved this board but this really shakes my confidence in the product.

Worse part is Enertion customer service hasn’t even got back to me and its been 5 days since the accident.

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Hi Rovi,

First up, we’re glad you’re ok! We’re extremely sorry that this has happened to your wheels - and for the delay in the reply via our ticketing system. We’ve had a massive influx of enquiries of late, and we’re only starting to catch up now to attend to everyone in much improved times.

As you are probably aware, we’ve been working to improve the formula of our wheels with every batch that is made, yet unfortunately there have been some failed wheels from each batch, which we’ve been working hard to reduce to the smallest number possible. Despite the rigorous testing, failures usually only show up in the field after use - but we have improved consistency significantly with each successive batch, so we’re confident that our wheels are only getting better from this point forward.

Please just fill in this form, and we’ll get some new, improved wheels sent out to you asap. (also, we’re about to officially get replacement wheels, so many people who are waiting should be notified today, including yourself.)

Hi rovi. Have you had a email about them sending you the replacement wheels. Been waiting months on end and they still have not sent them out it’s now August and they say shipping after 15july. I feel you’re pain and no one should have to experience these accidents.