Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion


Created a new thread for discussing shipment estimates of the Raptor 2 in the hopes of decreasing the amount of posts in the Raptor riders thread.

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Raptor rider thread is dead In the water with no shipping discussions.

They told me a week ago end of August now they tell me end of September. I’m 247 in the queue I honestly would like to have my board for my 30th birthday(September 30) so I can do a group ride and my girl could join me with my Raptor 1. But I just don’t see that happening. I’ll have to do a late celebration.


I just spoke with support. I’m order # 12840 with a group buy off kickstarter.

As of a week ago, I was told I was within the first 150 that would be shipped and that the box delays would give me an expected shipment in late September. Now, from my most recent chat, it’s late October.

Unless there is some very recent new delay, this makes no sense and we’re set back another month.


I want to believe them, but the information is inconsistent.
I am in in kickstarter as well, but this pic says our order numbers should be a lot lower


My space pack is order number is 10541 (order placed in April I believe) , but my raptor, which I ordered in December is order number 12741. Something is very wrong…


I have had a similar experience (already posted in the "riders thread):

I am part of the “kickstarter batch” - which is supposed to be among the next boards to be shipped. Today I asked and they told me, that I am order #12746 and will be shipped by late October - that seems really off.

It’s also a group buy - and we also bought the boostpack together - which strangely also has a lower order number: #10559

It somewhat seems that kickstarter people magically went to the back of the queue. When orders get shipped out with these numbers, we might also be moved back in the queue behind people who bought their raptor probably in june/july.

As I’ve stated previously, I hope this is just an error or miscommunication… otherwise this is bluntly discouraging and bad customer service. Currently I don’t trust anything the enertion support says - the only reliable source is apparently @onloop - which makes me sad


Same here, kickstarter backer. Also Ordernr #12xxx for the board and boostpack ordernr #10xxx. Waiting another almost 2 months would suck balls. lets see, if there are updates next week.


Order #8215. Ordered Black Friday. Had a chat yesterday. Was told mid to late September. Questioned why and was assured I’d be in the next 150 waiting on proper boxes.
Crossing fingers those boxes are up to the task.


Same here but with a lower number. About board number 30. Was told it was built and in QC which could take 30 days… was definitely in the first 150 boards that are about to go out and expected to ship mid sep. If the boxes arrive as estimated (early this week) it seems a bit long with 2 weeks to package them.


I spoke to support , i am board 266 , and it will take an other half month of delay :confused:
Now shipping is late September .

My order nr is 106xx


how likely is it for there to be another delay between now and the end of september?


Anything can happen ^^


To clarify: are you part of the kickstarter or are you a “normal buyer” ?


Very likely, if cardboard boxes are gona delay this anything .can. next month we will hear the wind has suddenly shifted North and back west this is a bad omen in China and will delay the board another month


Gotta be Normal buyer, I am and i got board number 293 ordernumber 109xx ^^

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Normal buyer


I am order number #8266 and I am also late September shipment, guess those boxes are delayed again… oh well one more month of waiting I guess…


Yeah, it does seem like they added between 2-4 weeks on everyones orders without any apparent reason. Jason did say in his last update that he would keep us update if it were further delayed. Don’t know what is up with that.


Yeah… I asked about why support has suddenly added an extra month in the main thread. Post was straight up deleted.


Took a screenshot from the enertion chatsupport, it looks like everyone’s orders are delayed again. (as opposed to the kickstarter orders being pushed further down the que)

Still waiting patiently…