Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion


Get the 2.1 and sell it.


You are not ignored, Eric already told you about the situation.


Long time since I last posted anything here, but now my problems with the board has gone from mysterious to bad… Today, as any other day I used my board to commute. Nothing out of the ordinary there, everything was working great. Then as I was getting ready to ride home, I realised that my remote connected to my board even though the board was not turned on. With the board still off, I tried giving throttle, and the hubs started squeaking but not moving. I then turned the board on and tried again, now the hub was turning full speed or nothing, no in between when giving half throttle. I switched the board off and on again, now the remote couldn’t connect, no matter what I tried, so I had to push home…

When I got home I tried again, and realised there was a rattling sound coming from the remote, so I opened it up to tase a look. This worried me! the rattling sound was glue that had gotten lose due to an expanded battery, ready to pop at any moment…

Luckily I had a spare remote, but that too couldn’t connect. so I decided to open up the board to see if the antenna had unplugged itself. That wasn’t the case, but the whole board was on even though th switch was in off.

I have no idea on what to do about this!


12 days and no update. Your Facebook says production has started. Can we get that update?


I think I am able to solve it remotely, please arrange a teamViewer session with me


We will post updates about it in the upcoming week


I ordered the R2 back in August of 2017 but ended up sending it back after a week due to multiple issues, so I was offered and chose to elect to wait for the Raptor 2.1. Jason had said that people with replacement board orders would get bumped up the waiting line so we would be one of the first to receive the boards.

I double checked this with Bara and he said this wasn’t the case so now I’m confused. Could you elaborate @CarlCollins?


Your replacement order is actually 3rd order of first batch


Oh that’s odd, Bara told me “you are more then probably in the first batch”, which sounds like he thought I wasn’t one of the first orders in the batch


I was told i was 3rd in first batch :stuck_out_tongue: ? (replacement order to)
But i gues it dosnt matter if im 1 or 10, you probely ship out a batch at same time.


Cacokes order replaced your position to 4th because he requested for the replacement first :slight_smile:
Management approved it lately

So Both of you guys orders will ship in the first shipment :slight_smile:


Thank you for the clarificaiton @CarlCollins


Seeing as though I’m receiving the board earlier than I thought, I need to change my shipping address. Should I do that now or once I receive the shipping confirmation email from you guys?


Yes you can, please Inbox your address ASAP!


Just inboxed you on here.


Any update on wheel replacements @CarlCollins


90 mm front wheels will be available by end of this month hopefully


Did you get my email Carl?


What about 97 replacements. I’m only asking because my wheels are getting pretty nasty.


Yeah and address successfully changed