Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion


Why you ship R-Spec and Unity and not the R2.1?

Can you explain what was preventing you from producing the R2.1 earlier?
You don’t have enough decks? Batteries?


Raptor 2.1 requires many parts which are currently under production
especially wheels and motors
R-Spec kits are only 100 reserved from the first shipment.


Well the R-Spec are actually made of wheels and motors…
you should have used those for the Raptors 2.1 and not for a new product that was not even announced.
100 R-Spec kits could have been 100 R2.1 shipped.


Actually, those 100 were reserved before the initial shipment of the Raptor 2.1 and I think we will be covering most of the orders soon.
Because Raptor 2.1 don’t just need a kit to get completed, main thing is E-tray


Just got a Raptor 2.1 delivered!


Fücking fückfück möterfücker!!!

My board was suppoused to get delivered with UPS tomorrow but somehow enertion has shipped it to Spain instead of Sweden. I double checked, I have entered the correct adress. UPS support told me they will try to deliver it in Spain and when they dont succed they will ship it back to enertion. I just knew it was to good to be true… Fück!!


@CarlCollins and @onloop It would be very nice to have an update on the status of the production. Last post is from 10 days ago and at this point in time you should know how many R2.1 are produced/to be produced and by when they should be shipped.


I will post an updated later next week :slight_smile:


Also, I would like to tell you guys that I received my Raptor 2 (damn! it’s a beast)
Rode about 16 Km on different terrains (sand, concrete, broken road, water, damp surface), Weather was sunny.

With 23% of battery, Board even able to roll at 1%, my weight is around 65 Kg

Now it’s on charge after complete battery drain

I will soon post videos and images.

My first experience is: I am in love with this board <3



So here is the newsletter…

Basically saying nothing about R2.1 production. Let’s see if by the end of the week we know how many R2.1 have been produced and when they are going to ship.


Hey Carl, sorry for going silent for a couple weeks, have had no luck trying to find a replacement L-shaped micro USB to fit into my raptor’s focboxes. Went so far as to go to my ex’s in hopes she might know where they were (that ended poorly). I was however able to find a micro usb yesterday with a pin short and flexible enough to squeeze into the plugin, so if a day this week or next works for you I’m able to do a teamview session now. Thanks again.


Ping me back whenever you are ready


Okay, I’m ready today before 3 or tomorrow after 5, Pacific time. Thanks for your patience


@CarlCollins I just saw the new shipment picture on the Enertion Instagram feed. Are the tracking numbers already out or does it take some more time to get them ready for shipment?


Guys is enertion having delays again? At beginning of the month I was told my raptor would be shipped during mid/late December, today I was told it would be shipped between January and March… Order 19739


Shipment needs some time to be ready, you guys will get notified soon,
Slight delay might be due to Xmas holidays

Merry Xmas to all of you guys


Drop a message now if you are available



I have to admit I find your answer to Latonesfer extremely weird.
Between the beginning of the month and now, a delay of up to 3 months has been added to his delivery date, and your answer to that is “Slight delay might be due to Xmas holidays”?

First, I wouldn’t call that a “slight delay”. It is not, and would not be in any industry.
Second, “might”, so you guys aren’t sure? Your job is to answer to customers, a delay of potentially 3 months has been added, and you’re not sure why? Is this a joke?
Third, the reason is the “Xmas holidays”? For a delay of several months? Here again, is this a joke?

I’m not saying that you, customer support person, are responsible for Enertion’s mess, but it is a very shady answer and once again, it looks like the company still has not gotten its shit together.


I can understand, Actually that answer is particular to the post he was mentioning!
I used the word might because I wasn’t sure about it at that moment.
Now I am sure that it got delayed due to the Xmas holidays

And Xmas holidays delay means specifically to that boards which were shown on that Instagram picture.

I hope now it’s clear

About 3 months delays, we have the statement in our terms and conditions that board pre-order will take time minimum 8-10 weeks