Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion


Why you ship R-Spec and Unity and not the R2.1?

Can you explain what was preventing you from producing the R2.1 earlier?
You don’t have enough decks? Batteries?


Raptor 2.1 requires many parts which are currently under production
especially wheels and motors
R-Spec kits are only 100 reserved from the first shipment.


Well the R-Spec are actually made of wheels and motors…
you should have used those for the Raptors 2.1 and not for a new product that was not even announced.
100 R-Spec kits could have been 100 R2.1 shipped.


Actually, those 100 were reserved before the initial shipment of the Raptor 2.1 and I think we will be covering most of the orders soon.
Because Raptor 2.1 don’t just need a kit to get completed, main thing is E-tray