Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion


After ordering my Raptor 2.1 on July 1st 2018, I’ve had my shipping notification! Order #200xx. I was expecting shipment in the March batch so this has come as a big surprise. Thank you to Team Enertion for all their hard work and continued hustle!:metal:


@CarlCollins I ordered mine in May. How is it possible that I still have not received a shipment confirmation?


My order ist from January 2018. (#170xx) Still checking every day, but nothing yet.
@mrjonnyjones: Where are you from mate? US?


I’m in the UK. Right now, having seen the last two posts, I’m feeling insanely lucky. I simply waited and waited and the board shipped. It could be that some kind of admin error has occurred? Definitely reach out to Enertion Support!


Due to changes in Custom rules, some of the non-US tracking IDs will get updated till end of this month, That’s the reason that some of the tracking are dispatched (which we received already)


Chatted with support last week and was told that tracking numbers should be available till the end of month. I’m waiting for a year now and since I saw the images on insta my hopes are high. This results in checking my mails and this forum 3 times a day, which leads to impatience. The last weeks are the hardest.^^


Surely you’ll get just one email from Enertion’s website saying your board has been shipped? As in there’s no need to spend all that time checking. But you do you dude, if it makes you feel better for the day knowing where you are with everything. Do keep in touch with @CarlCollins etc. as they have the info it seems.


After one year of waiting, I finally recieved my tracking number! :scream:
…awesome! :smirk:


Fantastic, congrats dude! :smiley:


Hi, I just ordered my raptor 2.1 and I am from uk just payed £200 for delivery!!! Does anyone know if this will arrive at my door then I’m going to be asked to pay a import fee of like £400?


I did not pay any fee or tax on the board it self. Denmark.

I did however pay tax for warranty-covered replacement parts received later.
Enertion refunded that amount back. :kissing_closed_eyes::+1:


Cool man thanks for the quick response. Also how long have you had you’re board for and is it still running sweet?


I got the 2.0 July 2018.

I have 700 km on the clock since and it runs very well still. :+1:

Just remember to oil the back wheel bearings every so often.
The replacement parts was for the wobbly wheels. New ones seems way better.

PS. it is not IP65 water resistant what so ever. Ride on as dry road as possible.


Where are you from, you buy it when?


I’m in the UK too. My tracking shows the Raptor 2.1 is shipping to Hungary, then it’ll come to me from there via UPS. Hungary is in the EU, so I don’t think there will be any import duty or VAT to pay. I will update this if I do have to pay anything.


Thanks man appreciate it. I Have basically payed £1250 for mine so will be most frustrated if I get charged import tax. The Instagram profile said pre order now and get by summer 2019. You think I’m going to be let down? Or the business is a lot bigger and organized now?


Wow I have now just got a GBP transfer fee of £37 on my bank statement. This is the stuff I was talking about :frowning: and it begins


I paid roughly the same overall. Shipping is expensive, if you think - you’re transporting something that is 10KG 3/4 of the way around the world, using at least two freight forwarders. Yes, your bank will have to charge to convert the funds. You won’t be let down as Enertion appear to be in a far better place than they were last year. It’ll be worth the wait - this is all I see people write after they get their boards.


Ok sorry for posting same thing. Makes feel bit better knowing others have payed the same. Iv seen so many videos of people having really nice rides and then in comment section they are saying it broke 2 weeks later took 7 weeks to get it fixed etc etc. Hope the current build has all the fixes implemented.


Firmware should be OK as the temp throttling issue was spotted and fixed before European boards were shipped I believe. They’re constantly making improvements though so we should get some future software updates. Street-Wing here in the UK is an authorised Enertion repair agent. Any problems, outside of what you can fix at home, Luke Pepper will be able to help with - Luke owns/runs Street-Wing.