Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion


I have a feeling the boards have been either sitting in a room and have now left, or the shipping service is simply crazy slow. It’s been nearly 24 business days since my UPS tracking number was created and I’ve been told that it’s basically just a waiting game now. So, for anybody who has their tracking number that’s in the UK, we just have to sit and wait a little longer.


They are taking longer than usual due to the CNY, Custom inspection got delayed during this period.
So Delay is not from Enertion side actually.

Note: This information is strictly for UPS tracking only


Thanks for the information Carl, much appreciated!


No worries


I finally got my tracking update on Sunday and it’s on its way to be delivered Friday. I guess there just were some big delays along the way but no worries, just had to wait a bit longer. Excited to ride soon!


hi there … so if i order today how long it will take? , i live in canada


If you order now, the possible ETA will be around April-May 2019 hopefully


o that’s not bad … considering that still winter here, so i don’t need it now , so I’ll be riding by the beginning of June…
I’ll place my order then , thank you


No worries


My UPS tracking number just confirmed that the 2.1 has arrived in Hungary, has shipped and should be here in the UK on Thursday - fingers crossed! :smiley: :zap:


Also just received the information mine has left Hungary and will arrive on Friday.


So where is nine then i am uk to!!!


I just scrolled back through this thread and you ordered in January? Hope I got that right. You’ll likely receive your board before the summer, based on Enertion’s estimates. I ordered in July 2018.


Things are indeed improving: I ordered in May 2018 and received in mid-February so nearly 8 months. You are going to reach probably 7 months (btw you will love it!). People who ordered in January 2019 may receive it in May/June


Just a quick update.
Received the board on Friday, after 8 months, and managed to try it today!
Despite, some minor assembly flaws, the rubber isolation wasn’t installed properly, nothing I won’t be able to correct, the board is amazing!
It was worth the wait I have to say!


Have you contacted support for the solutions?


Not yet, will check with them, thanks.


Is there any update when the next batch is shipping. I ordered mid July 2018.


Some of the board are shipping by end of this month (hopefully)


Got my board today! Got a little dry asphalt time with it before it rained and really digging it! Was there an android app for tweaking the settings? I seem to recall one but can’t find it easily.