Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion


It’s called Focbox UI


Thanks! Is there a quick way to set top speed on it? Can’t find it.


From what I can see there’s no direct setting, however you could reduce the motor max setting, or adjust the throttle curve to max out at a lower point if that’s what you want?


Speeds depend on voltage of the battery pack so there is little you can do to reduce or increase speed. Acceleration depends on Ampere per motor.


Guess there could be some sort of software governor but thanks for the tips of acceleration. Thinking of adding a little torque on the dig.


but the customers who have pre-ordered via Fatdaddy get definitely their raptor by the end of this month?


having read this discussion I have immediately started the process of cancelling the order for my FOCBOX, this is a shame given that seems to a great product. Since ordering I have had no indication of lead time and now on cancelling I have immediately been told that cancelling involves a 20% charge and 30 days for a refund.
I paid for this in good faith and would expect immediate full reimbursement. I appreciate enertion is a starter business but customer service is the beginning and ending of any great business .


don’t cancel. They have quite many Unity. Should ship soon.


Good things come to those who wait, the UNITY is the best ESC on the market, hold on if you can!


long lead times do my head in , plus whoever is on customer support would need to polish there performance


to be fair it does look like a solid product, I have 2 190kv motors and have the other component’s assembled, apologies that should be their performance



Fatdaddy will be getting their shipments by 15-17th April so it’s likely chances that you will get the delivery of the board (if you ordered from them) before end of this month.



May I have your order ID so I will confirm about it?
Everyone is aware that Unity got shipped in batches and Order placement date indicates that in which batch which order stands.

I hope you understand


My order is 25719 my issue isnt back order its the total lack communication. I intended to have this project finished by the summer.


I have replied to your email and it’s not lack of communication actually because you haven’t initiated one with the agent to confirm about it before ordering I think (which normally everyone do now) That’s what live support is about.

I have already gone through all of the chats already and shared a proposed solution over email already.


Is there any update regarding shipment of the next batch of 2.1s. I ordered in July 2018 with shipment expected in September 2018. The recent lack of updates is incredibly frustrating.


I have to commend enertion in dealing with my grievance and I accept that the live chat facilty is there as a tool. Again i have to say its a brillant product and at this point my grievance is settled .



We will be releasing a newsletter soon


Currently awaiting refund


Currently awaiting refund