Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion


I believe refunds take 30-days to process. It would probably be better to ask again, via Live Chat Support, when 30-days have passed and if you haven’t received your money. :+1:


Currently awaiting refund


This forum needs a mute feature.


I agree



Refunds dont take 30 days, my payment took less than a day to process. Its been agreed in writing i am to be refunded i operated a business for 10 years and refunded customers there and then once needed. I dont understand the delay. Terms and conditions arent legally binding all i am requesting is for full recompence in a timely manner. I am happy to leave this group once my grievance has been resolved.


We have refunded your order as I told you that I am going to refund it 100% even if you are out of the initial 7 days safe zone and also you told us that our T & C doesn’t have any legal standings. You are not being funny but it’s kinda funny and ignorant as well :slight_smile:

Also, I have even offered you that we will ship it by the end of May and you will get it before the Mid of June as you said If it’s possible but even though you keep denying it. You don’t even try to confirm with our live support before ordering but still as a gesture of goodwill, try to work this out so you can keep your order and have the product.

Let me clear one thing for sure, Every E-commerce system/online sales platform has a Terms and conditions which have legal standings and it’s mandatory to follow it when you do purchase from their website. In your case, you have agreed to that terms and conditions at the time of order placement already so you are not able to deny it. (If required, I will share the screenshot to prove this point).

Have a good day


Cheers carl


Fully refunded , thanks carl


Hey Carl! I finally received notice that my board has shipped. The expected delivery date on Fex Ex is tomorrow!?!?

But… it says “Shipping label has been created. The status will be updated when shipment begins to travel”, so I assume once it reaches Hawthorne, CA (from China?) it would then be forwarded to me?

I assume 3-4 weeks is more realistic? Any idea or guesstimate from your experience? I live in NY.

Thanks! Pumped!


When did you place ya order? Iv still no email.


Carl will be able to give you a better estimate. But basically once it’s on American soil the tracking will start to work. 3-4 weeks seems a fair guesstimate to me


Normal Delivery time for Raptor 2.1 (once shipped) is up to 21+ days (including 12 days of custom held up).
It’s correct that you will see updates when parcel will reach to Hawthorne, CA (The FedEx facility center).

I hope you will have your board soon!


What is your order ID?


#24755 carl.


Any news carl?


I will be confirming about it on Monday (evening)


Its tuesday for you guys now is it not? Just had a 4 day weekend with cracking weather and i had no board to ride :frowning: back to rain this week. But yeah i just need info on this board man. Whole reason i bought the raptor 2.1 was because the website said buy now and ride before summer 2019. If i had known it will not arrive before summer i would of just got the boosted stealth. Hope you have some good news…


Some places summer starts June 1. other June 21.

But I hope you get your board way before that. :slight_smile:


Do we have confirmation?


hello carl.
have passed the 8 weeks for my order, will you have some news about my order? … Summer in Canada is around the corner and I would like to be skating with the raptor. thank you and have a good day man

order id #25257