Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion


Some news from hell:
As Enertion has refused to modify shipment rerouting to another customer, ups is continuing its job.
Cancelled order is traveling to my home for weeks.
Ultimate step will be in a couple of hours as now UPS has to deliver a package that I will refuse, if I am lucky, once will be enough, otherwise UPS can play to this game 3 times or to let it to a partner and notice me by mail…
Amazing situation that could be bypassed if Enertion logistic team did the job and cancel shipping.

@CarlCollins, I hope that your company will do that you’ve written for weeks, and refund my account definitively.


last minutes update: package delivery was refused few minutes ago, now let see how Enertion are going to manage refund as mandatory milestone is passed, now according to their guideline action is on their side.

@CarlCollins, @barajabali I gonna mail you this information. Please do not ignore nor miss it. OK?

mail sent, and robot read it:


We already re-route it to some other customer in France.
Let me clarify this to you. As I clearly mentioned in my email before.
We use a specialized shipping method to avoid custom related charges so, in that method, shipment cancellation is not possible once the item is in transit.
The only option is once customer refuses to accept the delivery then we are able to re-route and that’s what we did.
Now as I also mentioned in one of our emails, the refund process is started and will take up to 30 days in completion.