Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion

Some news from hell:
As Enertion has refused to modify shipment rerouting to another customer, ups is continuing its job.
Cancelled order is traveling to my home for weeks.
Ultimate step will be in a couple of hours as now UPS has to deliver a package that I will refuse, if I am lucky, once will be enough, otherwise UPS can play to this game 3 times or to let it to a partner and notice me by mail…
Amazing situation that could be bypassed if Enertion logistic team did the job and cancel shipping.

@CarlCollins, I hope that your company will do that you’ve written for weeks, and refund my account definitively.

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last minutes update: package delivery was refused few minutes ago, now let see how Enertion are going to manage refund as mandatory milestone is passed, now according to their guideline action is on their side.

@CarlCollins, @barajabali I gonna mail you this information. Please do not ignore nor miss it. OK?

mail sent, and robot read it:

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We already re-route it to some other customer in France.
Let me clarify this to you. As I clearly mentioned in my email before.
We use a specialized shipping method to avoid custom related charges so, in that method, shipment cancellation is not possible once the item is in transit.
The only option is once customer refuses to accept the delivery then we are able to re-route and that’s what we did.
Now as I also mentioned in one of our emails, the refund process is started and will take up to 30 days in completion.

Does anyone know whats going on here? I live in uk and my parcel tracking is saying its ready for arrival by end of today and its in denmark?

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Samething happend to me, my board was delivered to someone in germany i live in finland. Im waiting for support to help me understand this.

What the fuck is this shit? Im in the uk and parcel is deliverd in a different country why would you leave a £1500 parcel on the fucking door step.

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Carl can you help with the situation i am having. You sent out my parcel and you have my correct address but the tracking number you have me in my email said the package was delivered in a different country at someone’s door step. My board should be in my hands as of now.


Apologies mate, looks like logistics provided you the wrong tracking ID, your original tracking ID is emailed to you already, please check and confirm (it was sent yesterday) and status of the shipment was (needed one day in delivery)

Edit: Here is the correct tracking ID: https://www.ups.com/track?loc=en_PK&tracknum=1ZA4706X6844441564&requester=WT/trackdetails

Now the status is delivered to RINGMER, GB

please confirm

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May I have your order ID to confirm?

Parcel arrived today apologies for my anger. Was a very frustrating situation for me. Thank you for speedy delivery and hope my time with the raptor 2.1 is a good one.


No worries, I understand!

Order id 23020

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Correct tracking ID: https://www.ups.com/track?loc=en_PK&tracknum=1ZA4706X6843935774&requester=WT/trackdetails

Thank you Carl for the information, and i wish that you and enertion doesn’t have to deal with these kind of problems in the future.

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Thank you mate!

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I ordered on April 19, #26172
At that time it was indicated that the delivery would happen “end of May, beginning of June”.
Nothing happened yet.

Not only is the delivery late, but despite two messages sent through the chat (one before the update, one after), I’ve never received any answer.

What’s going on Enertion?

Please check your PM PomPom

In case anyone else is waiting, here’s the answer I received.

Transparency is a good thing for customers:

"Hi Francois,

I apologise that you haven’t received an update about your order as of yet - we’ve been awaiting further confirmation from our production factory as to when the assembly of your batch is scheduled to occur. (We’ve obviously been pushing for it to happen sooner than later.)

I realise that when you placed your order, the estimated latest shipping date was 28th June (10 weeks after you placed your order,) but I regret to inform you that this has been delayed by approximately 4 weeks. Although all parts have been ordered from our manufacturing partners, we are still awaiting delivery on several key components to commence your final assembly run. (sub-assemblies have been completed)

We’ll be doing our utmost in the meantime to try to get your batch processed earlier, and let you know more in the meantime. We’ll also be sending out email updates too if the situation changes any further, so please make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter.

Thank you again for your patience, and let me know if you have any questions!

Kind regards,


In a newsletter sent on May 4, Enertion stated:
Our next batch is due to drop around the end of May/start of June, and we’re super stoked to announce that we’ll be sending out ALL remaining pre-orders with this batch, just in time for Summer!

This is the reason why I was expecting my board to be sent at the beginning of June. Because this is what you stated.

Based on this last answer, I understand it won’t be sent until the end of July, meaning I won’t have it for the summer.
Alright, I’m disappointed but based on your history, not really surprised.

What I’m surprised about however is that the FatDaddy skateboard shop has Raptor 2.1 in stock.

This means one thing:
Enertion has chosen to provide business partners with its boards, instead of customers who already paid for it.
Your online shop is not Kickstarter Enertion.
Your clients are not willing to fund your business activities, your clients want to get the boards they paid for.

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Thank you for sharing this but have you confirmed with the Fatdaddy when they placed the order and when they received their stock?

That’s not true at all, everyone has their place in the queue accordingly and we are shipping the board as per the queue.

i lost all my hope , to have my board in time for this summer. in my case it’s been almost 17 weeks , when enertion said 8 to 10 weeks . now they told my by the end of july , which honestly i don’t see that happening … considering that i live in Canada and the time whit no snow or nice weather is on till September , I’m really fuck. no riding for this guy till next year