Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion

I understand and I apologize mate but we are trying our best to deliver as soon as possible.

Hey Enertion

My name is Danny, order number 25013.

So I ordered February 11th , so currently about 19 weeks in and got just one update from you directly.

within this timeframe I have talked to your chat support and each time I asked them ,the date kept getting longer and longer until I got this email from you on
May 7th.

"Hello All!

We know you’ve been waiting with great anticipation for your Raptor 2.1 order to ship, and we have good news - pre-assembly has begun, and the final assembly of your board is due to begin before the end of May.

We’ll be aiming to ship your order out as early as we can in June so that you can start shredding up the streets, and enjoy your summer on the beast!

We’ll send you another email in the upcoming weeks, just to get final confirmation of your shipping address. We know circumstances can change, so we always prefer to double check that your details are still current before we dispatch your order.

Kind regards
Carl Collins
Enertion Boards"

Im just a little worried at this point because prior words and promises have been broken again and again. I just am losibg customer loyalty / trust on the product w/ my huge investment .

I have emailed your support but never got a reply. Can you please let me know what is going on . I just don’t want to find out I’m missing something and it could have got it sent.

Can you please Dm me the email on on file to make sure I haven’t missed something?

Thank for your understanding,



@CarlCollins How are the replacement wheel batches coming along? Still waiting on replacement 97mm wheels that don’t wobble.


Hey Danny

Apologies for missing your email!
May I have the ticket ID so I will answer your questions over email?

Hey Ryan

We will be getting the information soon.
We will release a newsletter about it.

Danny.Hernandez@hcvt.com is the email , the registration was transferred from jess.aifan@gmail.com.

So weird thing is that the board arrived 2 days ago. I never received a confirmation email or tracking number so I was shocked / happy .

Upon inspection, packaging was a little beat up /box has bends , but contents inside looked ok ( I kept the box like instructions said ) . Riding was a different story. Huge clicking sound as soon as riding (I sent a video to Instagram insertion for proof)and as I let off the power, it felt as if the board was braking really bad and going into resistance really fast.

I inspected the board and updated the foxbox firmware and did the configuration on motors / remote. It seemed to help a bit and clicking noise slightly went down. I then Put a small amount of speed cream in inner wheel to see if it was bearing and made sure bolts weren’t over torqued on the wheel, read this online for you guys.

The noise seems to have went away but when letting of the power the board doesn’t glide ( not as bad as when I first tried it) and feels like it wants to send u off . I have to decrease the power slowly to neutral then brake slowly.

When I hand spin each wheel , one has the clicking feeling / higher resistance higher . The other spins more easier and longer .

Again , super fun to ride but something in my gut tells me something is wrong, it shouldn’t have ridden like the right off the bat as I’m sure the production company tested it before shipping it to me and now it has the clicking noise.

Let me know what you think.

Danny H.

Also when using the controller there was no difference and R-Spec and slow mode at all

Two days in and so far one chip on the rear wheel . Maybe it’s best to send the boards out when you get the American made urethane?


Have you emailed to support@enertionboards.com?

I’m still waiting for round 90mm and 97mm wheels. I’ve been using 90mm Trampa wheels since I received my Raptor 2.0 in September 2018.

I think they are getting stock 10th July? I feel your pain. One of my wheels fell to bits and now I cannot ride and it’s a cracking summer here in UK but i cannot go out on it. The board has been a dream to ride but the wheels should never of been produced with this awful formula. I await my new wheels is well, bet summer will be over by time they arrive.

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Yes sir, only got a confirmation email back saying someone will get back to me but never got a response since June 18 .

I am glad the item is here but a little concerned with the clicking noise on the initial use (I could felt it through the board while riding ) ,

I have been riding the board for a couple days now* I’m happy to report the noise has then eliminated .
why do you think this happened?

I sent the guy in charge of your Instagram account a video when I first rode the board and the noise it made . He didn’t think much of it and ensured me the motor is fine.

I didn’t receive a tracking number or a confirmation to see if I even live here anymore to ensure I get the item. It’d be a shame if other people we’re not contacted in this batch of shipments and the items are sent out anyway.

My literal response getting home that day when the item arrived was “what the #@##” lol.

So far I’m very happy with the product, it’s very fun to ride ,saves me a bunch of time and is even a little work out on balancing your core when going fast. Just want to make sure my investment was not damaged due to it having abnormal noises initially.

I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into this product.


I just had the board a week and the edge of my wheel just cracked really bad. I can open the wheel and it’s about a half inch gape into the wheel. I noticed this while riding as I heard a weird clicking sticky noise and it’s just this little piece of wheel flapping around while riding. What should I do?

when will you have the American urethane available and is my wheel covered since it’s only been a week and this already happened?

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Hi guys,

One suggestion: require refund of your credit card, post on forums and initiate an action class…

For your information, LaCroix nazare ordered mid of June, and I had to postpone delivery to end of july to be sure to the destination…
Enertion, take some knowledges from this,
Perfect hardware, perfect process, customers are happy.
On the other hand… Cracking, warming inefficient hardware, terrific processes, customer nightmares and refund.

About last point refund informations from your side are still pending…
Hopefully action was initiated on Amex side otherwise I will certainly still waiting a fake process from you.

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Be careful as mine came off when riding.


Lowest low-profile tires that I’ve never seen.
@CarlCollins, when we were speaking about transparency it was not about hardware, but processes

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hi there .

I will like to cancel my order **** ,my order has been pending since February 24th 2019 . Many delays have been created without any notifications from your end. I ordered this in February this year with the promise of the delivery time to be 8-10 weeks, it has now been 19 weeks. I am cancelling this order and request that a full refund be made to my account for the amount of $2,409.00 AUD / $2,207,33 CAD. Please notify me once you get this email so I can forward it to my bank to be in contact for my refund.

sincerely .

Humberto Hernandez Cordova

If it’s just because you waited 19 weeks - you should keep the order.

I waited 60 weeks.
But after i got my Raptor 2, i have been riding it for a year now.
It’s amazing!
Aka. woth the wait.

(Not my video)

I have been waiting since April for new wheels as mine split within about 3-5 miles and havent ridden since, been emailing but no one cares enough to respond to me, seems like they are too busy on their European tour drumming up new business


On the website said wheels are shipping after 15th July other day so contact enertion support and make sure you are on their list for people getting wheels under warranty. Carl has been the most responsive with me and does a great job with communication. Hopefully wheels rolling out this week or the next.

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I waited 19 weeks. And was completely worth the wait. Just the wheel issue bit annoying but the wait was totally worth it

Looks like the wheels are next problem. I’ll try and ask @ raptor ruckus in person in long Beach. Crazy how mine split 4 days in.