Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion

I had my replacement Nano-X controller shipped. Unfortunately it was shipped to my old address but I got confirmation that a new one will be shipped at my new home. On the other hand the replacement outwheels are in my order list as “awaiting fullfillment” since mid March. This just to say that they are trying to follow up the demand, but the issues that they are having and trying to solve (I agree that is taking them way too long!!) are not allowing them to close all issues with everyone.
I think that after an initial boom in sales, R2.1 is not selling as much as expected (and therefore the Ruckus world toor).
But I still think that they are trying to solve problems so I hope is only a matter of time. They are not scam.

Imagine that:

  • Sales are declining --> less cash
  • Past order are being cancelled, and money flows back to the customers --> less cash
  • Hundreds of backorders to fulfill --> less cash
  • Hundreds of faulty boards under warranty that need repair --> less cash

Enertion (and by Enertion I mean Jason) f***ed up so many times with so many different aspects of the business that the word has spread about how he operates.

Bara, who was arguably the only person within Enertion able to solve problems recently left the company.

Draw your own conclusions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon announced they went bankrupt.

You can’t run a company like a doofus and expect no consequence.


Except bankrupt that will write on stone the end of all the products that are manufactured by them. What is the impact on Unity of Bara’s end of contract?
My new board is using unity, so to get support and maintenance from manufacturer is mandatory…


Like i said 4 days ago lol

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They’re not bankrupt, as they’re still manufacturing the Unity. Roan did an update on their Instagram Stories the other day and I know Jason has been in China organising production lines, etc.

Hi Johnny alias @mrjonnyjones, as you seem to be well informed about Enertion, please can you highlight who are key people’s for the Unity product development, updates and maintenance at Enertion? As my future board, unfortunately will has some parts from this company, I need to know when I will in trouble with them, as troubles seem to be their core DNA.

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I’m only sharing what is publicly available information (if you track what’s going on). I personally feel it’s important to keep an eye on everything as I’ve got a Raptor 2.1 and I’m interested. As far as I know Jeff is still helping to develop the Unity and Pilot remote as he did an interview recently with @longhairedboy.

Also, there’s no way that Enertion would have done a European and USA/Canada tour if they were bankrupt! They have customer service problems at the moment, but hopefully everything will get ironed out in the coming weeks.

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Christmas is during December 24th to December 25th only…


They may not be fully bankrupt yet but will definitely be having cash flow problems.
I pre ordered a Raptor 2 initially (even b4 kickstarter).

I was initially impressed with the power and feel of the board.
After many problems, e-tray, motors(twice), wheels and random braking/accelerating.

So after some back and forth they agreed to replace it. The Replacement was worse than original. Motors were malfunctioning, wheels off centre, all the screws were loose.

I started to loose my patience and demanded a refund as they still didn’t have any wheels or new parts as Jason likes to redesign things on the fly…

After a week of arguments and finally contacting “Fair Trading”(Australia) they gave my a refund…

That was about 12 months ago.
I didnt get on the forums much for a while but check in every now and then. To my absolute shock, surprise and dismay. Enertion are still having problems with everything - Motors, wheels, charging etc.

Many customers are having major issues and boards that aren’t working for extended periods of time. Enertion aren’t even replying to emails.
I believe Jason is in major financial trouble.

Raptor 2 has been around for about 2 years and still has every major flaw you could possibly think of and a lack of replacement parts.

I doubt they can keep this up much longer even with Focbox Unity sales.
I understood why all the fanboys were waiting and sticking up for Jason 12 months ago but not now.
How long before Enertion can live up to its promises (2years so far!!!)

P.s. All Raptor 2/2.1 owners are just beta testers who had to pay for the privilege. Sad!

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I received today the replacement for my 90mm outwheels that were getting torn and the replacement for my Nano-X that broke the micro-USB charging port. This is again only to show that Enertion is truly trying to solve the customers issues. People “only” have to be patient. I hope that Enertion gets to a critical mass where they can respond to customers issues in a more timely manner…however they are doing all they can and the customer service for me has been always understanding and providing solutions.

Ah, and the R2.1 is a beast. Not regretting for a single second having bought it!


I hope for customers that r’they won’t bankrupt, otherwise a lot of end-users would miss Esk8 pleasure.

To be honest, future of Enertion is a none event, but the way they are doing business has to switch from dark universe to process driven quickly.

Yesterday I was getting a discussion about the problem with wheels and tans with a senior expert of Michelin.
From his point of view, they won’t find a solution that is economically compatible with e-sk8 budget and will fit embedded motors into wheels du to thermic dissipation of the motor, so concept is good but or you accept to pay x 10 per wheel or you remove the motor from the wheel.
They had to face to exactly the same problem 20 years ago when they were working on the first E.V. with motors inside the wheels.


that explains quite well why the front wheels are basically perfect and the outwheels are instead cracking. I thought it had to do more with the thickness of the urethane in the outwheels (a cm or so).
I ordered the offroad wheels which have 0.5cm of urethane more than the standard 90mm wheels. Let’s see if this is going to solve the problem.

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Lacroix will start shipping its new models next week.
Imagine this Jason, a company that ships products to the people who ordered, crazy right?


Yes and inform the customer by email that next week the board will be shipped without any message from my part, in my case it is ontime as Alex told me that it would be shipped between August 16th and 23rd. It was forcasted during mid of June when I’ve ordered the board (June 2019)…


Anyone here received round replacement wheels yet ? I’m running on my 90mm trampa street wheels since september 2018. Both 90mm and 97mm front wheels were wobbly. I have 3 sets of wobbly R-spec ghost front wheels


I have not received a new batch yet. Received board in sep 2018. Both sets (90 & 97m) had bad wobbles and 97s began to disintegrate. My replacement 90mm work fine. My 97s were wobbly again. Been waiting since this past winter for new 97s


never forget that, evertion’s motto is:the longer customer are waiting, the worst they will get from them (if they are getting sth).…

Switch to evolve, LaCroix, bioboard. The last product exported from Australia that worth its price was Kelly Minogue, and it was 35 years ago…

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So still a bad time to buy a raptor (even off an individual that has brand new one for a good price)?

Still issues with wheels!
Still issues with customer service!?
Still touring and trying to sell boards without sorting g out their existing customers!?


Sorry to hear issues with Enertion are still ongoing. To me they have been good till very recently. They served my support requests fast on several occasions and also sent me a replacement board in less than a month from the time I opened a ticket, earlier this year. But a new support request of mine I opened 10 days back is still unanswered, so they can be hit or miss. Bit worried that @barajabali was holding the fortress and now that he’s gone QA and Support will go downhill.

By the way Evolve is also from Australia -but I don’t think their boards are worth the price. Support might be more reliable but you pay for it by being vendor-locked for everything :slight_smile:


Anyone able to get in touch with Enertion at all ? All my recent enquiries are unanswered (except for the automated “we have received your mail” responses).