Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion

above threshold, the worst never improves!
bank refund and switch to real professionals

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Yeah I’m currently awaiting replacement battery. I have had responses but not amazing news. Carl has been replying to my emails.

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Yeah, I haven’t received a reply either.

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Now all my tickets have status “solved”, and I got a mail, asking me to reopen my cases again in a new system (still zendesk though).

Same here. I emailed enertion with a query on 9th July. Today, 7 weeks later, I have been asked to resubmit my request through their new ticketing system.

I’ve already given up with my 2.1, and moved onto onewheel.

You know what guys is the most fabulous: they send answers to customer that did not ask question, check screenshot below, I received it this morning…

They are world class champion of CRM

Even after having submitted a new request…no answer.

Last post on their blog is from 16th June…

Enertion where are you?!

We’re not getting answers because doofus Jason is too busy trying to sell his defective skateboard.
Reality is soon going to knock at your door Jason, you’ve had your fun attempting to run a business but by now even you should have realized that you’re too much of a doofus for that.

Your many consecutive failures to deliver are not caused by bad luck.
The reason why you’re failing where others succeed isn’t the world around, it’s because you’re an absolute doofus.


I actually received a package today, containing 2 ROUND 97mm front R-spec wheels. So on my Raptor 2.0’s one years birthday, its running on R-spec wheels for the first time ! Weeeeee

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Grats! I wonder if they are the new US made or the old CN made still … :face_with_monocle:

Has anyone received an answer from Enertion recently?

No. and this is to get to 10 chars

Nope. Sent my board in 3,5 months ago to get my broken motor sensor fixed and still haven’t received a single update from Enertion about my board’s status. The update I got was that the ONLY thing holding them up are parts, which I guess still are on the way, and that was on July 18.

150km later, the new 97mm wheels are still round and intact !