Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion

Soo ordering a board right now was not a good idea. That’s what I’m starting to realise. The website doesn’t sell anything now no wheels boards nothing? Dunno if that’s because they are trying to stop orders so they can catch up or that they are bankrupt…

You are correct they have removed everything. I feel cheated by the company and so sorry for anyone who has ordered a board

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Well I’ve started the process of a chargeback. Hopefully I should get it without hassle as I’m within my right to get a chargeback. I’m gutted too because I was really excited to try this board, but if I can’t get spare parts for its inevitable failing then it just be a silly investment. Thinking of buying torque boards new direct drive kit as its exactly the improvement enertion needed to jump on.

Affiliate program just terminated!

Hi Jake

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Jason Potter




That’s the affiliate program. I think. Was Where they offer store credit for getting others to buy product through recommendation. Just if anyone was doing flips about there orders or refunds. As the email seemed a bit vague and ominous.