Enertion Raptor 2 World Tour Demo Event



We have decided to run a series of meetup events in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia over the next 2 months so we can show as many of the worldwide esk8 communities out there the performance of the Raptor 2 in person. My name is Moja and I work with Jason doing marketing and content for Enertion and I am running the USA side of the tour (LA, San Fransico and Portland) by driving up the west coast in an RV with 2 Raptor’s and 2 good friends to bring you the action. The rest of the tour will be run by Enertion partners such as Geoff and Charles, our engineers in Montreal, and a few others around the globe.

The events will go down as meetup skate sessions in a great riding location in the chosen city followed by a BBQ or a few cold drinks, you will get a chance to ride the Raptor 2 and experience its performance first hand and enter into our giveaway competition. We will be giving away 3 Raptor 2’s over the course of the tour through an Instagram photo contest, to enter you must first attend the events, then you must take a photo with you with holding or riding the Raptor 2 and post it to Instagram with the hashtag “#enertionraptor”. At the end of the tour we will select 3 lucky winners!

Win a Raptor 2 photo competition:


  1. RSVP in Facebook Event & Attend the Raptor 2 world tour event.
  2. Take the best photo possible of the Raptor 2, or someone riding the Raptor 2, or a selfie of you & the Raptor 2 - Be creative!
  3. In 30 words or less explain what you liked most about the Raptor 2
  4. Post photo onto your INSTAGRAM account with the hash tag #enertionraptor & tag @enertionboards
  5. Finally, Post the same photo onto your Facebook page using the share feature inside Instagram, or by copying the share URL from the Instagram post.


  1. Enter the competition as many times you like, simply follow the instructions above with a different photo each time.
  2. You can only win one Raptor 2.
  3. Photo must be taken by you. Can’t use other peoples photos to enter.
  4. Winner will be drawn September 30th

We need help to expand our networks in each location we are coming to, if you know any esk8ers that would like to come and join, please put the word out, share the facebook events and we can make these meetups something to remember :slight_smile:

Below are the facebook event pages for each event, please RSVP and share the event if you are interested.

Montreal: https://www.facebook.com/events/158487498030616
LA: https://www.facebook.com/events/137109236868932/
San Fransico: https://www.facebook.com/events/284644328671178/
Portland: https://www.facebook.com/events/712905988918022/
Paris: https://www.facebook.com/events/100694187263712/
Adelaide: https://www.facebook.com/events/460689234304257/

See you on the road!


Sweet! I’m going to come by for the LA visit. Glad you picked Long Beach, since I’m coming from south of LA and won’t have to travel quite as far.


I’ll do my best to come to the paris one. I wish it could be earlier though, beginning august even. But still going to be fun. Who can we expect to see there? Jason? Or only people from the French engineering team.


The French Engineering team is Canadian…

And will be at the Montreal Event :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ahah my bad I got all patriotic for a second. Do you know who’s going to attend the French meet up? Jason? Moja?


Don’t worry… well they do speak french if it’s that any consolation :grin:… I don’t know who is goin to attend sorry…


Might attend the Paris one if you’re not doing one in Germany :slight_smile:
Just gotta figure out how to get my board over there. Maybe go by train.


Our friend Cedric is going to run the event for us, he is a keen esk8er and has worked for us on occasion.


Cedric will do some filming, if you can film some too and give it to him to send my way I give it an awesome edit


Sneak peek of the Montreal event!!


Full episode on the MTL road trip