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Up until now most of the discussion about Raptor 2 is related to how it is built, the design & the technology.

However, as of this week, we have now started to ship Raptor 2

If you are a #RaptorRider this is your new hangout!

Please share your Photos & Videos, Your custom FOCBOX settings, Your favorite riding spots, anything related to Raptor 2

Sorry, no discussion about shipping dates! Just email us for specific order info.

Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion
Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion

Having that tattooed on me!! :smiley:


Dope logo Jason :smiling_imp:


LOVE the logo Jason! Please please make some stickers of this logo and include them with the R2 when shipped!!


Yeah, I’ll probably get some stickers printed.

In the mean time if anyone wants to play around with this, here is the file


I did you a favor and made a USA version as well. It’s slightly Americanized.


I don’t get it

Edit: oooooh…


I’m pumped to ride this board next month. We’ve got an eboard group in Atlanta that’s been inviting me out, but I’ve been holding out a bit as my cheap little genesis hellfire can barely keep up in mileage or speed.

I fully expect the R2 to knock me on my ass at least once, but several of these guys on BB & recently purchased Evolve GTs are already jealous.

Anybody else around the SouthEast US?


Charleston, SC


Dope logo, I’m down for some stickers…


Getting hyped! Anyone in the Boston, MA area got one coming?


Haha, that’s hilariously awesome. Thank you!


Someone posted pics of the first retail board to land stateside that we know of.


Ottawa, ON


First Raptor 2 arrives at a customers house!
Just 7.5 weeks overdue… Not bad compared to the 22 month average for the big name Kickstarter campaigns


Nice work mate, keep em comin…:point_up_2:

Do we all get a banana? lol


The banana is for scale!


Why does the sticker on the bottom say 22.2v when its a 42v board?

Edit: I found the answer on the reddit “I Got my raptor 2 thread”

from enertionsupport:

First thing’s first - the Raptor 2 battery is most definitely 432Wh.

In our efforts to get Raptor 2s to customers as quickly as possible, it seems our forwarding company has made a dubious decision without our knowledge to ensure that there were no further delays in shipping the first Raptor 2s. Apparently there were some issues with a random battery at DHL exploding (not ours mind you), which sent alarm bells ringing through the majority of shipping agencies.

Unfortunately, we cannot condone this action taken by our forwarding company, so we will be exploring other options for the remaining Raptor 2 shipments, which may cause further delays.

Thank you for pointing this out /u/phounus - even though some customers may be dismayed in waiting longer for their product, it is essential that we know things like this.

We apologise for any confusion caused.


I head over there sometimes to visit a friend. If I’m ever in the area, I’ll hit you up!


@onloop Any live updates in the near future?