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Got it. I just fixed it last night with Jeff, took about 10-15 minutes. Everyone should be getting instructions in the next day or two.


I got two remotes, one of these cut the acceleration suddenly when Im riding and is quite dangerous also I cant switch between rspect and slow mode, the second remote works perfect no issues at all, my board is the R2.


Will reimburse next week.
Just add the invoice of the shipment in the link which I’ve provided you before


The email about firmware was only sent to Raptor 2.1 shipped orders that’s why you haven’t got it.


Let me know the details so I will resolve it


Did that 2 weeks ago. do you do payments once a month or how does it work?



Thanks, I have 2 remotes (the remote A and the remote B), one day I was riding with my R2 with the remote A, and suddenly the board stops but not full stop, just some, almost fly off the board myself, but luckily it wasnt happen, I thought my battery was dead, and the board says 30% but it wasnt able to go uphill, so I carried the board to home, at home I grabbed the remote B and go to ride again, It worked perfect!! So my conclusions were remote A was battery low. Once I charged the remote A went to ride to work (different day) and suddenly the throttle stops, it was like the board and the remote disconnect, push throttle and it was wprking again, keep riding and same happened again, was quite dangerous, also the remote It wasent able to switch modes this time was stuck on rspect, I rode like that for a time but it was so unpredictable so I quite with remote A.

Remote B works flawless!! same old R2!! reliable and fast!!


we do it very 2 weeks (working days only) normally


Please confirm that you changed the receiver when you switches the remote from A to B?


I didnt do anything but turn off remote A and the board then I turn on remote B and then the board.


Try changing the receiver as well when you switch for remote A to B or B to A


Raptor 2.1 customers can now use following apps
Android: https://github.com/EnertionBoards/FOCBOX_UI/raw/FOCBOX_UI/android_build/FOCBOX_UI_1.0.apk
Windows (UI Edition): https://github.com/EnertionBoards/FOCBOX_UI/raw/FOCBOX_UI/windows_build/FOCBOX_UI_1.0.exe
Windows (Optimized VESC tool): https://github.com/EnertionBoards/FOCBOX_UI/raw/FOCBOX_UI/windows_build/FOCBOX_TOOL_1.0.exe

Sources: https://github.com/EnertionBoards/FOCBOX_UI


ETA on the IOS app?


Not sure! Jeff will update about it


Are you guys working on all terrain kit any soon? @onloop croosover wheels doesnt do that job


I’d be shocked if we didn’t have an AT board in the foreseeable future :slight_smile:


Will get Focbox Unity today or tomorrow. Is there any at least written guide to swap original Focbox pair for unity? I just want to know, what I am in for if I swap them.


They did say they would make one!

I’m still doubting if I should do it or not.


I really like that LCD and push button. I feel like it is worth it even if there is no difference in performance.

Just received Focbox UNITY and it did not come with display as I hought. Will look into separate LCD unit if we could get the specs for it.


Can’t wait!!!