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@barajabali Thanks!

  1. Main issue right now is the bms thanks to my stupidity


It was fresh off the shelf (cold), and behaved the same when it was hot while riding a week or two ago. It seems anything under 80% is slow, regardless of the motor thermal throttling control setting


I would like to get your board in for a checkup if possible. We will cover all shipping charges and I will have the board back to you as soon as possible. I will send you a follow up in your help ticket!


Please check your ticket number again. It should be 5 digits


@barajabali 70133


Where is the temp sensor located? I will try to mount one on my raptor 1gen Motors just to get some numbers from it. Got the sensors and a Fluke to calibrate them with but I’d like to compare the temp with you guys so I need to mount it in a similar location.

Did a quick check of the 10K NTC I had lying around and it’s pretty accurate. Missing by 0.5 degree celcius is good enough. When I find out how I can mount it I’ll do some testing. The beta value in VESC6 (ackmaniac) I had to change to 3435 to suit my temp sensor.


take it for a spin


Is there an update regarding firmware update for raptor 2.1s with poor performance and overheating? Have you found out the problem and when will the fix be ready for us?


We identified the problem and firmware is almost completed
Will release the .bin files soon


All Raptor 2.1’s shipping now and the rest of January will have issues if they don’t have the .bin files loaded?


Most of them have updated software, so don’t worry about it :slight_smile:


How can we confirm that once we receive them they have the updated software. Just to make sure?


You can see the difference while riding it


Is this updated software the fix for the poor acceleration?


There will be soon, poor acceleration is due to thermal throttling feature of the Unity
Also, this firmware has the wrong temperature beta value

In new firmware, all will be sorted


Thanks Carl. We went through those unity features that one night I kept rejoining the support chat. Disabling the thermal throttling had no impact on the poor performance.

I’m not sure if that makes a difference with the firmware’s beta values, but I figured it would be worth mentioning.


If you got shipped raptors with updated software, isn’t the software ready to release for us in first batch?


You would think so right? :wink:


Jeff decided to release it with the new application improvement updates!
Raptor 2.1 comes preloaded because they will take time to get delivered to customers :slight_smile:


@CarlCollins what is the correct beta value? I’m still running focboxes and can manually set it