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There are plans to roll out an IOS app for the Unity/Raptor 2.1. We are not sure about when we will have one ready though. We have plans but there is nothing available now.


Hey guys! Check this thread out. How to Update the Unity for a Raptor 2.1 or DIY Board VIA Android OR Windows PC


Had a ride with the new firmware. Acceleration with roomtemp motors is still mediocre. After a few km it’s horrible. Firmware did nothing for my board. One motor retching temperature of 140 degrees in outdoor temp of 5 degrees.


That definitely looks like the most “powerful” eboard on the market dude. lol :wink:

The worst part of what Enertion’s become is that they didn’t even fix the issues with the 1st gen (R2.0) before they added new shit on the latest. So now all the problems that were happening are compounded into the latest. Not to mention their lack of testing prior to releasing to the end user. That’s just irresponsible and a dick move.

I took my board up to Seattle to have a licensed engineer look at mine because Enertion really sucks at fixing issues. I didn’t let him do anything other than look at it because I’m not into losing out on my warranty. The things he saw were incredible. I’m super disappointed in the lack of quality for this over priced piece of shit eboard. Meepos last longer the the Raptor! Enertion replaces shit. But replacing and actually fixing are two totally different things. They should be ashamed that they’ve continually sent out broken, poor QC’d boards/parts like they do. It’s all a $$$ collection in their eyes as far as it looks.


The new firmware did seem to fix throttling for me. I feel that I’m being throttled but it’s now so gradual that I’m fine with it.

The only problems left now are the trucks with play in them (doesn’t matter how much I squeeze the bushings) and one cogging motor when going from standstill.

The good thing is that I know the new Enertion repair agent at Fatdaddy personally. I can just hand him my board over personally at the weekly grouprides. He’s awesome by the way.

Also, I fell for the first time in 13 months today. My back is a little soar because I fell on my backpack but it feels like something that will pass in two days.


Glad that helps for you


This might be a silly question, but are the motors physically really hot? I know the Unity UI says they are, but I wonder if the temp sensors in the motors themselves might be over-reading? I’m just trying to think of reasons why your board isn’t working correctly.


They are extremely hot so I believe the sensors reads the correct temperature.


After a few minutes of resting. My motor wasn’t at it’s hottest right here. Neither do I know the temps the Unity was measuring inside the motor here because I can’t be bothered with the constantly disconnecting android app on group rides.

But 63 Celsius isn’t comfy to touch for more then a few seconds. I’ve gotten them way hotter then this. It’s fine though. With the new firmware throttling shouldn’t happen if you can still touch the motor for a few seconds.


Yeah that temperature would be way higher inside the motor where the sensor is probably located. Outside of motor is in direct contact with winter air so it shouldn’t be as hot as it gets.

If I spit on my motors it start to evaporate (smoke).

Going to do a TeamViewer with Carl, hope he can find a problem.

I also updated the unity on my DIY. It was superduper powerfully before the firmware upgrade. Now not so much with the same settings…


Raptor 2.1 - 100km Review, first e-board!

OK where do I start, WOW what a thrill this is, I haven’t been this excited about an activity since I started snowboarding ~10 years ago, I guess right before I hit 30 is a decent time to get into these sports, right? Guys?

Alright, so, I’ve heard people say “you don’t buy an e-board, you buy an experience” - I 100% agree with this, and boy this experience is amazing, cruising and carving down smooth roads or paths, enjoying the summer (or winter for those keen) weather and sometimes without breaking a sweat.

And well now we get to Enertion, I’ve been following the esk8 scene for a couple of years now, researching hard about the exact board I’d have wanted to ride when I eventually got into it. I believe, and strongly still do, that Enertion is leading edge in its tech, it seems almost leaps ahead of its competition, when and I mean WHEN the board works :stuck_out_tongue: - So I guess this is where it gets juicy hey?

As a truly beginner skater, it took me less than 20-30km’s to get very comfortable with beginner mode, often giving R-spec a go where I can (this does not count when I NEED to use R-spec to move due to thermal throttling.) I can comfortably carve (not hardcore drift carve, just a mediocre amount.) I’ve learnt to kick-off without losing balance and I can foot-brake when I need to. After this 20-30k’s I decided it’s time to commute to work, that’s when the thermal throttling began, about 2-5minutes into the ride I’d notice a loss in power, exponentially increasing as I rode, to the point where I need to leave it in R-spec mode for the remainder of the commute (~9km each way.) I also have to remember how the braking curve changes in R-spec mode, and remember when I kick off in the afternoon how it changes again as I start off in beginner when its not thermal throttled.

After my first day commute I checked my wheels, uh-oh, cracking, promptly e-mailed Enertion where support didn’t hesitate to advise me they’d be sent as soon as some are in stock. (I think I read a post above that said this failure rate was quite low, ~16%? - I think this is a load of shit as I’ve seen 3 posts on the Melbourne esk8 page in the last 48hrs with the same issue.)

I keep riding as the cracking was minor and I didn’t notice any major performance issues, I mean i’m going 40km/hr max so not exactly pushing the bar. Thermal throttling gets worse and happens sooner and sooner into my rides. A few days commute later and BOOM, my micro-usb port on the remote falls off (pulled off with the charging cable I was using.) Tried to super-glue it back on to no avail. E-mail Enertion, no problem, they’ll send one out as soon as they them in stock (this week?)

At this point (now) I have one 9km trip on my remote, I reckon I can push 3 or 4 more before the remote dies (anyone have any idea how long the nano-x works without charge?) and im super bummered about this, I’ve fallen in love with this experience and I can’t enjoy it for “another” month or more, further to this I’m moving to a small town where I don’t even know if I can board at all in, we’ll see!

Beginner ridden 100km on his Raptor 2.1, has skilled up a bit, comfortable riding ~35km/hr commute to/fro work ~18km total a day.

Cracked Wheels - Enertion replacing without hesitation, probably have to wait 6 weeks for this.

Thermal Throttling - New Firmware just been released, haven’t loaded it on, no idea how much battery my remote has left.

Nano-X USB port fell off - Enertion replacing without hesitation, ~2-4 week wait?

Overall I’m not mad about it, I treat this whole situation like buying a pre-release video game, it’s going to have bugs, if you didn’t see it coming well that’s on you, I took the risk even after doing my researching and seeing that there were fairly common issues about. Not mad, just a little disappointed. Would I recommend Enertion to a friend? YES, but with the caveat “Maybe wait for the 3.0”



Good read.
You gotta hand it to their aftersales support - it’s great.
I tend to believe the wheel failure rate they’re giving. I’d ridden mine for about 20-30 kms and the wheels look just fine still, and people who’ve had fine experiences with their wheels wouldn’t post about their average experience online.

But man, do they need to up their remote game, cuz damn.


2 years ago this statement might be true. I ordered in 2016. My board has been broken since 2017. It’s now 2019. Good luck with your waiting. :wink:


Has anyone here had the exception where your board is working fine without the firmware update upon receiving it? Or is everyone suffering with the throttle and temperature issues? Please advise as I will be receiving a board soon and want to know whether to give it a chance without the update or update as soon as I receive it.



Hello @Mcfoster

I am not convinced that the firmware was successfully uploaded to your Unity. Can you please make sure that the firmware version is 23.42


If you are under 150 lbs, you may not notice a problem at all.

I would still update the firmware as we have changed a few other features unrelated to the heat problem


Hey kindly let us know if in actuality the software was uploaded and if it didn’t work. Don’t want to risk uploading the new firmware and turning my board into a brick. Hope you get yours fixed soon.


I checked. It says 23.42


Kind of want to try the board without the update if I am risking it will be functioning like Mcfosters in the video above.


You had changed the settings from stock if im correct. That is why your board heated up so quickly. Leaving the settings at stock will give the best results.

I tested this firmware my self, I weigh 220 lb+ and I am not a slow rider.