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Have you updated the firmware on the Unity?

There’s a fix in it that will decrease (not fix) throttling.

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Woah, that doesn’t sound right at all! Start a Live Chat conversation on Enertion’s website, they’ll be able to help you.

I now have my Raptor 2.1 over a week and am very satisfied so far. I don’t have any Throtteling problems yet but that’s probably due to the cold weather and the fact that I’m still driving only 30-38kmh. The only problem is that a Hall sensor doesn’t work and the PU already has some cracks (after almost 100km).

I ordered in january and asked where is my board as it said receive before summer on the website. They told me they held back on sending out boards this month as was a problem with the wheels and apparently be sending board out early may. You think this is them just making excuse or they really have held back and changing wheels? You say you had yours a week so i dunno weather to believe

to be exact my Raptor 2.1 was ordered in August 2018 and delivered in March.
I bought my Raptor “used” (2weeks old, 1week driven).

I can believe they are having issues with wheels. I contacted them via Live Chat a few days ago asking about an ETA on replacement out-wheels for the hub motors, they didn’t have a date from their manufacturer. So it’ll just be a waiting game really, as you know.

Do you need replacements already? Only got yours like a month ago?

Yes they have had this problem for over a year now. Thought it would be fixed by now!

No I just wanted the option of having spares, wheels are fine :slight_smile:

i hope that the new wheels will be available soon. Luckily I still have 97mm replacement wheels but I think they have the bad formula and won’t last a month lol

Sweet. Jesus.

THANK YOU for adding traction control in the latest update!!! It works so well!
I was going to mention it in my upcoming review as a feature I was hoping you could add, but damn, here it is! Awesome!


Just got mine back from warranty. No new wheels, battery cover still doesnt make a waterproof seal, small cover behind the trucks is still broken, they said i didnt need new wheels but theyre chunking.! Now my warranty is up as of a few days ago so i need to hope and pray I can get it fixed and that it doesnt just break a month after I get it back.I love the board but seriously make it right. Get it together Jason you sold me a dream and this isnt that. (upload://p85T6d9ZVTCaUNGBCAjjIrt5EES.jpeg)


I will look into this

@Brandnew7886 How many miles/km have you got on that board? And I’m guessing not all of them in dry weather?

Not backing up enertion but fuck me man that looks like its been through the wars lol. The rust on that thing?

Wheels issue is sorted now, new batch will be incoming next month

Looks like it was ridden on while the roads were loaded with salt lol, what a pity.

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Hey Enertion! Thank you for the OTA updates for the Unity! What a treat. Is there any chance you could add a toggle option for the power switch? The (minimum) 1.5sec turn off time can feel long at times.

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I have been off my board since an unrelated injury in February. I have some 97mm that are wobbly. Has anyone received new wheels in the past 5 months or so?

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Not yet! Everyone will receive them in the next month

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