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Is Enertion actually still in the business? Or is Jason just abandoning all the clients like me who also purchased the 2-years warranty?

They are still in business

I am still waiting on replacement battery since june. Do you know if end of this month is when they are due Carl? It’s taking enertion weeks to reply to simple question and they space out the automated reply messages longer and longer so they can hold you off for as long as possible it seems…

Have you had a reply yet? I am being avoided on my warranty

They are silent. I have not much trust that the company will survive…

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Worse than silent… They have removed all of their products for sale on the website now. I’ve started a claim for my money back. Even if I got the board I wouldn’t be able to buy new wheels for it or anything. Soo enertion has lost my custom. And someone said on here that enertion would kill people’s passion to get an electric skateboard. Well after 6 weeks of endless research I can confirm I no longer want one as they all seem unreliable. I think I’ll wait till I can get quality parts in the UK in a few years.

Just got an email that affiliate program is terminated!

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Has anyone switched to other Brand motors on their raptor? I’m 12 months in waiting for 97mm wheels and now that Carl is gone I have no idea what’s going on? Just trying to find a long term solution that will provide sustainable parts.

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If I had the board and the motors broke I’d buy the new torqueboards direct drive kit and pop that straight on. Instant upgrade.


No more news from Enertion?
Does anyone have received wheels/outwheels?

game over it seems - no words, no shop, no wheels, no nothing.


Gauge of interest - Custom-made Raptor 2 outwheels

Hi fellow stubborn R2 Owners,

Following Enertion’s collapse, there have been discussions/initial attempts from skilled community members like BluPenguin and RobNO to create PU outwheels, for those of us that don’t want to give up on their Raptor 2. At some point Jeffwuneo , AKA “Our Man in Shenzhen”, jumped in the thread and offered to make a batch of outwheels in his factory, if there is interest to buy at least 100 pieces. The diameter will decided after he runs some stress-tests -either 90mm or 100mm.

As a semi-casual reader of the esk8.news forum, I have a very good impression of jeffwuneo, as he has a very good track record of delivering on his promises (people can read his past threads on the forum and make their own mind).

It is expected that the outwheels will be of higher quality than the original ones, using PU that is resilient to high temperatures -the cause of the wide problem that Raptor 2 outwheels had -cracking and eventually falling apart.

The estimated cost will be around $18 per unit, though the exact price will be known once Jeffwuneo receives the motors another community member, Andro , volunteered and creates the first sample units.

I post this here because I think there are many people stuck with a Raptor 2 that can’t use because with Enertion no longer in business and Raptor 2 hubs being of very low popularity and no longer available, nobody makes/sells outwheels for them.

If you are interested, please declare the quantity you want in the poll jeffwuneo has created here: https://forum.esk8.news/t/raptor-owners-scavenge-grounds/14403/391 and follow that thread for updates. Information about how to order when it’s time, will be posted there.


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