Enertion Support Weirdness


So guys. I just contacted @enertionsupport on their website with pictures of the cracks that get bigger by the day, video of the wobbly screaming motors, and the water ingress (which is a very known issue). I was told that they wanted to remotely control my computer (with Team Viewer) to inspect the board for themselves??? LMFAO!!! How the F can you see cracks, wobbly motors with bearings that scream like crazy, and water ingress??? That’s just ridiculous. I actually laughed and couldn’t believe how dumb the idea is. I paid for the extended warranty even! I’ve never even touched the vesc settings due to them not providing source for there BLDC_Tool (which is illegal and also violates GPL). I don’t run windows machines and I never will. What do you guys think about this??? I think it’s not only a really fishy thing to ask considering these issues (with evidence) have nothing to do with motor controller settings. Feels like they think I have no clue. When does the warranty actually get honored? I thought I bought one of the best eboards out here???

Which one of you guys can see water ingress. Wobbly outwheels and motors, and cracks in the board from within the BLDC_Tool? Let me know and I PayPal you 1 million bucks if you can!!! :wink:


That very strange maybe there was some missunderstanding what does your computer have to do with a skateboard. Also the BLDC tool is available on the Enertion website you have to purchase it but the cost is 0.00.


They have it for Windows or Mac


Yep. That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s just weird.

I know that they have the actual application on there site. But that’s the whole problem. Where is the source code for it? They have to either have an open repo or they can be dicks and just post a blob (zip, tar, ect…) of the actual source. It’s a clear GPL violation. Still not sure if they understand that or not.


Yeah it’s available for Mac. Not sure what @CarlCollins meant.


Yep. @CarlCollins. Why do you need to see motor controller settings wnen the issues I contacted you about are clearly hardware issues? Definitely not software.


And if the only way they are going to honor my warranty is for them to take control of my computer through a remote client they are going to HAVE to make a linux version of their BLDC_Tool. Or follow the law and release source. Then I will build the tool myself, give it to them, and then they are more than welcome. :slight_smile:


First of all I’m surprised that you considered a public forum instead of asking directly from us.
So let me explain what I need to see and why I advised you to allow me to get connected with you virtually.

1: I’ve solved 6/10 issues of water ingress by simply resetting the board’s configuration.
a: need to do both motor detection
b: Need to check fault codes to get better idea if any of the FOCBOX is damage or its just a simple motor.
c: Need to get the values after the ingress, because values get changed after water damages.
d: need to check remote configuration

2nd, I am talking about Windows Raptor 2 Tool (BLDC tool designed for Raptor 2) because due to some unknown issue, Detection in MAC version won’t go straight and clean (pops up a strange error even the wiring is fine)
That’s why we have also discontinued MAC version for a bit.

Our main aim is to inspect the board completely first to get an idea which parts are required to solve your issue so we will send them (if it’s a hardware issues [identified])

Unfortunately, you are the first person to think that it’s fishy. I also make sure to you that there will be no harm to your machine.
If you don’t have MAC or Windows PC available then we can think about the other possible ways.
Feel free to get back to me via Enertion Support email

In the end, choice is always Yours :slight_smile:


Why wouldn’t I consider a public forum for something like this? It’s flat out weird. I’m surprised as a rep for Enerion that you would even care that this is out in the open. I thought your CEO boasts about transparency?

Anyways… So why violate GPL and not post source for an application (BLDC tool designed for Raptor 2) and that’s licensed under GPL? You know, the one that you have for download on your website? That’s not even me saying this. It’s GPL. Take a read up on that a bit. Law is law. And you promoting it should know very well what GPL is and means.

Whether the values in the Motor controllers changed or not. That will NOT change the wobbly outwheel and motors. I’m not asking for FocBoxes dude. I paid for FocBoxes in my Cyber Monday deal 4 months ago!!! I never want another FocBox for the rest of my life after this board! And after (if I ever recieve) this last order. There’s way too many cheaper updated alternatives now. I’m asking for wheel and motor replacements! As evidences by my email. It’s actually really clear. Not sure how you don’t see that.

It’s not an unknown issue on MAC. It’s an issue with whoever compiled/developed the “Enertion BLDC” version of this tool. I have a few ideas on how to fix. But unfortunately you guys haven’t followed up on GPL and how open source works so there’s no place for me to submit patches to and fix this issue.

It’s clear and plain as day as what needs to be fixed dude. Replace my deck, battery compartment, motors and outwheels. It’s in obvious view in the pics and videos I already sent you guys. You have no need to connect to any computer of mine. I can send you guys the xml file of the settings (stock settings), screenshots of the values, video of the detection, ect… There is absolutely no need for you to control anyone’s computer for something like this.

My main goal is to get what I paid for. I have been a loyal customer for a couple years. Seems to me that you guys hate when others post publicly. But it’s fine for us to wait and see where our money has been spent while you guys post fun facts about restaurant owners, and move to new houses. This is a public forum started by your CEO. Get used to it.

In the end. It’s your choice. Honor my warranty or don’t. It’s only the reputation of Enertion. Which is supposed to be awesome! Let me know if you need anymore info @CarlCollins

P.S- You CANNOT solve water ingress with software settings dude. That’s just ignorant. You can change any setting you want. When I run though another 1in x 3in (soooo small) puddle there will be more water inside that battery compartment. I will pay you 10 million dollars to waterproof my next DIY build with software if you can as you say.



Let me answer your questions gradually
1: FOCBOX is no longer under GPL, it’s CC now. BLDC tool is GPL and here the issue is not to create a Linux version of the tool or source code sharing limitations.
I am sure you will get the source code simply on Vedder’s website (Version 1.19)

2: I am fully aware of the transparency facts and I don’t even mind (nor do Enertion) if you post your thoughts on any Public forum, you have the rights to do so but my concern is if there is already on going support ticket available then it would be more convenient to ask Enertion first if you have any questions, doubts etc. If we are not able to answer them then you will share it on Public forum.

3: I am not going to solve the water ingress issue virtually or making your board waterproof via software. In most cases, the wobble of the wheel is due to current settings in BLDC tool or if the wheel or motor is damaged. So I just want to make sure that it might get solved by doing simple software tweaking.
As I’ve stated earlier, I also want to check the Settings and fault codes to get better idea about what to replace.
This is our first step of Customer support, This time I just wanted to make sure that there will be no issue left with your board. I hope I’ve cleared enough, let me know if you need further explanation about it.

4: Most of the customers are not tech junkie like you, So we always try to program their board virtually by ourselves so there will be no confusions or chances to follow wrong and burn any of the component of the board due to wrong configuration.

5: I want to honor your warranty and also understand all your concerns. I am not angry. The thing is I just wanted to help as much as I can.

6: If possible, please connect your board to any Windows PC and share the settings of the Motor Tab, Remote tab, BLDC and FOC tab and Faults terminal via support email.

And man I’m just following the protocols which I use to follow with any normal Enertion customer. That’s it.
@SeanHacker Feel free to ask anything if you still have any doubts

P.S Guides are available on our Zendesk guides section for the reprogramming of the Raptor 2, I’ve also tried to share that with customers but most of them requires virtual help to follow it correctly. That’s why we have chosen this virtual session program.


1: The FOCBox is NOT not what I’m talking about here. Let me break this down a little for you. The “BLDC_Tool designed for R2” is licensed under GPL. You cannot change that. That is what I am asking for the source for. I’m not asking for Vedders source. He’s already open sourced it. I’m asking for your companies source for this specific BLDC_Tool. Because you HAVE to provide it by LAW under GPL. Get it now. So release the source or tar ball for all I care. I’ll get you guys a working MAC and Linux version. See dude. That’s how open source works. :slight_smile:

2: Still doesn’t matter. Not trying to be rude at all. Just saying.

3: There are no faults codes. I can give you a printout, with a video (LIVE), and whatever else you need without taking my computer hostage. In no part of the warranty agreement that I have with you guys says that this is mandatory.

4: I’m not a “tech junkie”. I’m a professional. :wink:

5: I’m glad. So take a look at the videos and pics I sent you. Those are well enough for warranty replacement.

6: I will. But as I said. This is NOT the problem. I’ll send yet even more proof.

@CarlCollins I get it. I do the same as my job. :wink:

P.S- I don’t need guides for these things. I’ve been doing this longer than most. :slight_smile:


1: The concern is not to solve the issues with the BLDC tool and I am also not getting rude. I just want to change the settings to re-program the board using BLDC tool. I am not going to re-program the tool’s coding.
And our team is actually working on the solution already. We are not only eradicating this issue also we are working on the new Firmware for Raptor 2 and new version of BLDC tool so it might take sometime.
That’s why MAC version of tool is not available on website now.
2: It matters sometime :slight_smile:
3: I’ve never stated that it’s mandatory, I was just following what I was advised by higher management for the sake of convenience of the customer.
4: Glad to hear that you are professional so it will be easy now to configure it.
5: I’ve seen the videos which you’ve shared, still need some evidence like
status of the FOCBOXes LEDs, Image of the inside of the enclosure, motor wires and battery wires
6: Please send the above mentioned evidences so we will proceed with the possible solution
also include the xml or screenshot of the following tabs of BLDC tool
a: Motor configuration tab
b: BLDC tab to check the BLDC motor values
c: FOC tab to check hall sensors value
d: remote tab to check the 2.4 Ghz transmission
Optional: Fault terminal if any fault code appears

P.S- About the guide, I am not talking about you specifically. Most of the customers are not professional enough to program the board on their own. That’s why we prefer configuring their board virtually by ourselves.

Please send the required evidence on support email. (Waiting for you answer) :slight_smile:
Will try to solve the issues with your board as soon as possible.


I’ll spend another night after a long day of work tomorrow getting the info you guys want.


Thank you so much for co-operation


Relax dude @CarlCollins is being more than helpful and courteous .



Stretching this out over multiple days when I’ve shown the issues (with proof) is kinda ridiculous. They are clearly manufacturing defects. Its not software related. But that’s what they’re pulling strings to reach at.

This has nothing to do with courtesy dude. This isn’t a personal attack at Carl or anyone at Enertion. I’ve had this board sitting broken for most of the time I’ve owned it. This is the second time this EXACT problem has occurred. I just have even more issues to go along now. But now they are telling me to hook my board up to a computer remotely or get a ton of useless info to them. This is almost as ridiculous as the bs can’t change the bullet connectors warranty policy on their FOCBoxes now. Lol. Its getting worse and WE as the consumer need to voice this. :wink:



Can you please tell me when you face this exact same issue?
Have you contacted the support when face this again immediately?
For me, It’s a new case and I took it as a new one and giving my 100% to solve it ASAP.
The information which might be useless in your sense is useful for me.
I know it’s time consuming but this time it will be eradicated once and for all.
Also, you will be able to get IP65 rated item.
But we need to confirm and follow the protocols.

For Bullet connector changing not covered under warranty is because most of the customers are not PROFESSIONAL like you so when they change/Solder the new connectors, The got shortened or got some other issues, which become the cause of frying the item.
And the 2nd reason is FOCBOX was specifically and initially designed for Raptor 2 use only and Raptor 2 have 3.5mm connectors so that’s why FOCBOX comes with 3.5mm connectors.
Also, we have discontinued support for DIY customers back in 2017 so Purchasing Raptor 2’s accessory is an optional thing for customers.

I clearly understand your concerns and I am trying to sort it out after the 2 days of your email. I personally think it’s not that late though
and also I advised you to contact support a week ago on a post at ESK8 forum because I want to eradicate all the issues with your board

I hope now it’s clear, Please let me know if you have any questions.


I do understand. This frustration isn’t with you specifically. I apologize if it came out that way. I’ve been a loyal customer for quite a while now and I’m way too frustrated with the transactions between my wallet, friends wallets, and family members wallets now. I’m the only one of the many R2 orders to receive one and its been a not great experience with the product. I fear they will all deal with the same problems. That then will lay on my shoulders. Its why I’m raining down like fire in order to make it clear what needs to be fixed. Not only for them. But these things help everyone in the future that orders.

Thanks for the help. I’ll be contacting support tonight with everything you requested.



I understand man. We are constantly improving and upgrading the Raptor 2, currently working on the new design deck, seal and battery riser to avoid water ingress. It will improve the Water resistivity of the board.
I assure you that your other family members including you will not face any of the issues with the Raptor 2 hopefully.

P.S- Good news for you is your Cyber Monday order is finally shipped, please check your email for tracking details. :slight_smile:
Waiting for the requested items.


I for one would like to thank you for being so exigent about your purchase.

Let’s not forget enertion isn’t a charity, and you paid a huge amount of money for it, and you have every right to demand and demand clarification or proper service.

Sure, you might not do it the nicest way, but you’re doing it, and you’re the kind of customer that can only help a brand to have even higher standards of quality.

I do also think that enertion is really doing their best to assit you and make it possible to have the perfect product you purchased. @CarlCollins, you’re awesome.

And again, thank you Sean and everyone else who had complains before to make the Raptor 2 an even better board for future customers.

PS: I removed that guy’s comment and your answer as he was being pointlessly offensive.