Enertion World Tour Paris Event - Postponed to the 3rd September (possibly may also include 2nd- TBC)


Enertion Raptor 2 Paris Demo - 3rd Sep

Greetings to anyone who has signed up or is interested in one of the last stops in our world tour!

Unfortunately, due to delays in getting our organiser of the Paris event, Cedric, what he needs for the demo day, we’ve had to postpone the event by one week. We’re incredibly sorry for the late notice, and hope this hasn’t adversely affected too many people’s plans and/or reservations. We sincerely hope that you can all still make it to this wonderful event.

Kind regards,
The Enertion Team


Is the 3rd definitely happening? Need to know before I confirm my reservations :slight_smile:


Hi @Zeno, YES! We’re pleased to announce that the 3rd is definitely a go! Cedric has also agreed to running something on Saturday even, if people are keen!!

Please let us know on the event page if you’re keen for the 2nd also!! Tell all your friends who are coming to do so too, so Cedric can prepare for some MAD RIDING in advance!!!

Really hope to see you there!


Cool! I’ll do that. 2nd would actually be much better, considering the travel time I have going back to the Netherlands :slight_smile: