Esk8 Group Ride Videos From Around the World



The best thing about electric skateboards is riding them, the next best thing is group rides, doesn’t matter what brand or build you have just get out there and have fun and enjoy life.







What happens with all the R2 world tour videos?


which ones?


Here is some video From the Montreal Raptor2 world tour… made by people who where there…


Just want to point out that the best part is at 7.02… when you can really appreciate my dancing shoes… :grinning:


yeah, love those shoes…


NYC, France, I’d see the raptor 2 on many cool videos like sam & niko, electric wave, tone touch, but I beleive there is a lot of Moja’s gopro footage to show :slight_smile:, like climbing on San Francisco streets, Tone Touch has the raw video. cheers mate!

This videos are a must watch :sunglasses:

San Francisco hill climb 31% raw

Sam & Nico, amazing adrenaline face

R-Spect mode face

Just cruising

Drag Race against speed demond Scooter


Cool, some videos i havent actually seen myself./


no group rides yet although ive started a little Miami Esk8 crew and will start filming rides after this Hurricane is done and over with.



Utrecht the Netherlands.


Almost a year later and my little group is become big :slight_smile:

This is out latest group ride.