ESK8 Squad Orlando with Johnny Repair and the Raptor 2 This Weekend


We took a ride this weekend! We Showed, We Rode, and we Go-Proed.

My buddy from Quebec joined me this weekend for a ride in one of Florida’s most beautiful esk8 spots. I just got my hero black 5 in the mail and the gimbal to go with it. I think i might be addicted to go pro-ing now. God help me (and the rest of you) if i turn into a vlogger, i won’t get anything done.

Enjoy the video!


Thats awesome! i wish i could have been there next time for sure.


Awesome Riding spot… Great smooth video skills too… Nice bail into the bush



I have found that i really enjoy being an esk8 camera man. It’s fun just riding fast but riding with a specific purpose and trying to get into a specific position and hold it while staying on target is a whole other challenge that i’m finding is a lot of fun.

spent all day sunday on the couch editing while simon put his puzzles together. he likes the bit where his brother is mowing the lawn with that hyper viper.

I have another video coming that’s only a few minutes long. I’m making it from all the cuttings on the floor where @JohnnyMeduse and i were just pointing the cameras at each other. It should be fun too. Camera vs Camera kind of action. lol

Oh yeah…

It just swallows me whole.


Nice Video Bro @longhairedboy… you just need to work on your freestyling camera skill because I going to own you in that duel…


that sounds like some kind of challenge i may be interested in!