Evolve AT Tire Hub Rings?



I went for a ride the other day and noticed something didn’t feel right with my back tire. I took the wheel apart and found that one of the bearings had been damaged. I also noticed the bearing was pushed in a little farther than normal so it wasn’t flush with the hub. I looked inside and found this damaged plastic ring. I looked in my other hubs and didn’t see any rings so I’m confused. Are the evolve AT tires supposed to have hub rings? Do I need to buy a new hub or can I just buy new rings? I don’t want to try riding again until I replace the ring or get more info in case not having the ring in the hub will damage my new bearings. I emailed Evolve but I’m still waiting on a reply. I’ve attached a picture of the damaged ring.

Any thoughts?



this happened to me too - the wheel nut screwed in and f++ked my bearings totally haven’t really ridden my evolves since then - design fault i fear … :frowning:


It’s not just that the bearing sits deeper now but even when the nut is on tight the bearings would still move back and forth in the hub causing some wobble along the axle.

I never figured out what the plastic ring was but I went to the hardware store and bought a hard rubber washer and stuck it inside the hub on the side where the bearing was sitting deeper. I made sure it wasn’t rubbing inside so it doesn’t touch the spacer. This took care of the wobble and the bearing now sits flush with the hub. I rode 15 miles with no issues.