Evolve gtr AT vs BajaBoard s2

Hi all .

I’ve sold my leiftech and I’m looking for a new electric skateboard . I need it to be good for off road as there is quite a lot of woodland where I live .
I can’t decide between these two . Or if you would recommend something different please let me know .

Many thanks


I had this dilemma back in July. I chose the S2 for its massive battery and offroad capabilities. Both have its ups n downs.
Baja is almost twice as much when it’s all said and done if you put bigger battery. Bigger motors and esc upgraded.

Evolve carves like a champ and weighs less.
Baja takes offroad to a whole new level.
Baja has capably more range.

Your decision may be based on…

Where do you want to ride? Do you need to carry your board or store it during your commute. Ie work , school etc.

Evolve has extra batteries for purchase. Though swapping in my opinion will eventually strip the hole where screws go in. (I had a carbon gt).

Evolve cheaper
Baja S2 is a different beast.

Cheers for the reply mate , the problem is because of the price I was going to go for the smaller battery and smaller motor with 8” wheels but with bindings . I mostly play around the streets but I want an off road to blast through the woods where I live and do jumps . Would I be making a mistake buying an s2 with lesser options ?
I had a GTx bamboo temporarily only use it with street wheels .

I do like the idea of having the small battery on the evolve for travelling . I go China quite a bit for work. Would be handy nipping round Shanghai but that’s not the deal breaker . I’m pretty sure my heart is set on the s2 it just looks more of a machine , I just don’t want to order a spec that won’t work for me .

Also a massive thing for me is if you want to change to bigger wheels on the s2 you don’t have to take loads of shit apart and drive belts etc

From what I know. For jumps do the DNM shock upgrade FOR 100.

evolve definately not good for jumps. So I think your purpose has chosen your destiny with the S2.

You should be fine with the smaller motors and esc. Still a beast.

Do you have your s2 now mate ? Or waiting for delivery ?

Delivery is late Sept into Oct. I ordered mine 2 days after launch. Hopefully sooner!