Evolve r2 remote thoughts


Okay I tried a jedboard topic to steer away from the raptor 2 dailies but that did not work.
How about evolve remotes?

I tried both their remotes r1 and r2. I like the r1 better purely because it doesn’t have the extra button to control the brakes.
I found it very inconvenient to use another button just for brakes. As soon as I want to brake I move my thumb from the left holding position (I hold the remote in my right hand) to the brake button and that’s where my beef lies. Not only do I move my thumb around inconveniently, in total I have to control three buttons to operate this thing as opposed to one or two with most other remotes.

I suppose it is something you simply have to get use to or I was holding it wrong but my hand works this way in that I need my thumb to hold that big remote (I guess my hands are too small?) and when I don’t do that and rest my thumb on the brake it feels like the remote is not secure in my hand.

Anyone else feel the same way?
What are your thoughts/opinions on the separate brake button?


I’ve use Both remotes and don’t like the R2 it’s so different to what I am used to that I can’t skate with confidence, maybe if I practice more but I don’t even own an evolve


I’ve owned an Evolve GTX since January which is my first eboard. Since then the remote has already had a firmware update. I had to mail the remote to them which sucked but they also installed a bigger battery. So far it works great. It connects to the board quickly and hasn’t lost connection yet. I can also ride a couple times before it needs to be charged.

I don’t have any experience with other remotes but I’m completely comfortable and confident using the R2.


How do you hold the remote though?
Do you have your thumb on or next to the brake trigger?


I put the strap around my wrist so I don’t drop it then hold the remote in my palm. Pointer finger for the trigger and thumb is free for the brake. It feels natural to me. I’ve had to stop quickly and so far no problems. If you push the trigger and brake at the same time the brake overrides the trigger.


I think is not a smart move from evolve to add extra things to do before brake takes action, I tried the remote and is very nice to have data coming from the skate, like voltage for every cell and all other telemetry info.
Size wise I like it, and in hand has good feeling, just about your question of the brake I don’t like it.


“Extra things?” You press the brake and the board brakes. No other step is needed. I simply meant if you accidentally pressed the trigger and the brake at the same time the board will still brake which is a good thing.


Three buttons is not need it to ride a skate, just my opinion, actually I prefer just one.


Trigger, brake, power button, plus the two buttons to change from eco, slow, fast, and GT modes. I leave it in GT so only two buttons are used while riding.

To each their own I guess.


Yeah while riding, if one trigger can handle brake and throttle then why go for two?

Left foot braking does come to mind though (as in cars) where it can be an advantage when you wish to keep accelerating and braking at the same time except that doesn’t apply here either since the brake trigger overrides the throttle trigger.


Left foot brakes are in go-karts, not cars. I get your point though. I want my brake and accel on the same button too.


I’ve had a carbon gt for a year and a half. Did the first remote. Meh not bad as it was my first one. Then I got the r2 which by the way sold out in like 30 min! Lol. Seriously.

Then got it on second batch. The braking did seem to be on par with the R1. JERKY AND SCARY going downhill fast. Cringing even.

I returned it for their upgrade. Got it back and here are my thoughts.

The battery life still sucked and questioned if they ever changed it enough to have me open it! I don’t recommend anyone open up the darned thing. The grafite or so called “plastic” tube that screws in the screw disintegrated…or shattered. Both of them did. I don’t recall screwing it back to tightly. But then after I crazy glued the plastic from disintegration factor 4. I heard a rattling and reopened it. The screw that holds the green electronics board center bottom under Neath also disintegrated into pieces…I never touched that screw so always left wondering what booby traps are cursed inside the remote to anyone who opens it!!!

Lesson:. Don’t open it

Braking was much much better but 90% of the time. The other 10% still makes me cringe.

I do love my board though… But I’ve had to replace alot of $#!/.

Got a new remote after I crazy glued the other shut and everything worked except the trigger. Lmao


As I stated above I personally like the style of the R2 but I haven’t tried anything else yet. I just wanted to add that I haven’t been very impressed with it’s durability though. I’ve never dropped it but since I bought my board in January I’ve gone thru four R2 remotes. First one stopped charging after a few weeks. 2nd one worked fine until they offered the free firmware update so I mailed it back since they were also offering to install a bigger battery. The remote came back without a charging port inside. Sent that one back. The next one worked for a few weeks then it stopped pairing with the board. Evolve told me the board now needed a firmware update so I had to mail the board to them. Couple weeks later I got it back with a new R2 circuit board, new motor controller, and new BMS. Apparently all of these needed to be replaced for the firemware update. Everything worked for 5 rides and I didn’t even go on long trips. After this it stopped pairing again. Same problem. When I went to power board on then remote the remote screen started to flash and vibrate on and off. Turned them off to try again but it wouldn’t pair. Evolve went through the troubleshooting steps with me but nothing worked. They decided to mail me a new R2 that arrives today. Yay! However, I have no idea if that was the problem so I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I’ll post an update tomorrow. I really don’t want to mail the board back to them again. Luckily all of this has been covered under the warranty.


Yea so the problem wasn’t with the R2 remote. The new remote wouldn’t pair either. Evolve paid to have the board and remote shipped back to them to look it over so it’s on its way.

If I’m lucky they will just replace everything :crazy_face: