Evolve Skateboard Mods



I bought an evolve bamboo GTX a month ago and it’s been awesome. However, I would like a little more speed and range. I already decided to upgrade the battery with LHB when mine starts to fail but I was wondering what motors will fit on the board that can give me more speed than the stock ones.

Any feedback is appreciated.



Sounds to me like you dont think it´s to awesome if you want to swap two major components like the motors and battery. Think you are better of selling it original and make a DIY or buy something better.


I already spent money on this board and I wouldn’t make any of these changes until the battery and motors fail. It would be cheaper to just replace these parts then to buy or build a completely new board. Anyways I love the double bushings for carving and I haven’t seen any other boards that have that. I’m sure there are but I already have it so no need to replace everything.


I recommend 6355 if they are sealed even better, most probably you have to change the motor mounts, but they are available, it will be not much money but huge power bump, also I read the battery in the evolve are no super awesome, they have a lot of voltage sag, and it will more sag with bigger motors. Have a lots of fun!!


Ok. Yea another member here, Long Haired Boy, does the evolve battery mod with the 30Q Samsung batteries 18650 based 10S4P lithium ion pack so I plan to do that once my battery craps out. I’ll probably do that first and it should take care of the sag. I’m hoping the extra battery boost will be enough to handle the bigger motors.

Thanks for the input!