Feet/knee health


So winter was very long and very snowy and when it all cleared up a week ago I also got my Raptor 2 on monday. So naturally since then i have pretty much been out riding any chance i got, often for 1½-2 hours at a time.

I got pretty sore after the first rides but after pretty much a year since riding last time(my diy needed a new battery but… since i was waiting for the R2, i didn’t get a new one. yea.) I figured it’d pass though.

But the knees and feet are in pretty rough shape, especially the left knee(back leg) where discomfort is turning into some pain. I have not had any falls or any bad landings that i noticed.

So OFC i don’t want this to turn into some long haul painful thing where i can’t ride or possible even walk, so what to do? Cut back? stretch? shelf the board for a week?

Also, is this a thing for regular skaters aswell or will they get tired from pushing first?


I recommend that you rest until your knee feels better. Pushing your body when it’s hurting will only make it worse. You probably just need to build your legs muscles back up too since you haven’t ridden in awhile.

As for your feet, I’ve been trying different shoes and insoles looking for the best setup to minimize the road vibrations. I’m also using AT tires on my board. Running shoes have lots of cushion which helps with the vibrations but you don’t get the same level of grip that Vans give you. I even bought those Footprint elite insoles that claim to absorb 91% of energy. These did nothing for the vibrations and made my shoes feel tight since they are thick insoles.

I also bought these Noene insoles that were on Shark Tank. The ones I got are 2mm thick so they don’t affect how your shoe fits and they go under whatever insoles you prefer. These claim to absorb 92% of shock. I think my feet feel better after a long ride but it’s hard to say so far if they are really helping. I’ve only had them a couple weeks and the weather has been crappy. These are expensive though.

I do believe that it’s better to wear loose shoes. If your shoes are tight then there are more contact points between your feet and shoes which means you feel more vibrations. This is just my opinion from trying snug and loose fitting shoes.

So far my best setup is with my hightop pro vans with the ultracush insoles and the noene inserts underneath. Normal vans don’t let you remove the insoles but the pro versions do and come with these nice spongy insole heels. The pro version also has padding on the shoe sides so if I do take a tumble my ankles will be protected.


A lot of leg/foot pain from skating has to do with your comfort level on the board. If you are tense, you will really feel it in your feet and legs because you are overworking them. Ever find yourself almost digging in with your toes? That is usually because you are not relaxed on your board and your muscles are very tight. Since you said you took the winter off from skating and these are some of your first rides…and you are mixing in a new board that you aren’t as familiar with, I bet that is the cause. Pay attention to how tense your legs are when you are riding. Not sure what deck you use for your DIY, but the R2 is a much stiffer board than many electrics out there. I like it because it is more of a downhill board and gives better feel for performance, but that type of board takes some getting used to.


My feeling tells me don’t mind your feet. I have my feet feeling like they have sparkling water in them every day. As long as they feel like that and a little less each day (my experience) you should be oke.

Be very carefull with your knees though. You always bending your knee? It’s not about wearing the best shoes. It’s about changing between shoes. Or so I’m told.


The Raptor is a stiff board but I’m used to it cause the Raptor 1 is even worse it’s a Carbon deck lol

I do like the Raptor 2 deck more it’s more.comfy because of the w concave.


Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t go out today and i’ll rest tomorrow as well.

I also believe that it’s got alot to do with my stance and tension, new board, higher Speeds, gravel everywhere.

The feet i think are OK, even if painful at times it’s probably tension/overstress and with time and regular breaks for blood circulation should almost go away. I have definitley been doing the digging your toes in!

For the knees i guess i’ll rest a few days, and then go for shorter and more relaxed rides. Hopefully with time the added support of building some muscles and me being more relaxed on the board it’ll become a non-issue.

Also, since i wanted to balance out the effort between left and right leg, I can actually ride half decent with my left leg forward now. Though i should have been smart instead and rested a few days before trying that.

Thanks again, feels good to har that it’s not just me that have felt some of this.


That’s normal man, wait till you do long rides your back legs calf will be on fire, my group does 2-3 hour rides on a weekly basis not including my personal riding time.


Haha yeah, that and the sparkling water @jadatmag mentions. But those will be from static muscle load and high vibration i think.

Should be quite alright, though vibrations can be harmful but i don’t think there is any way to know. It’s mostly seen on hands of people handling some machines, one symptom is white fingers. So if your toes turn white i guess?