Finally got my dream board. Canceled my Raptor 2 order


Can’t believe this day would come. Best hubs out there, sorry @onloop, sorry hummies.

I based this design from high speed dragster cars. This means extreme aero handling. I’m hitting 52km/h. The short size of the deck also helps with not having to put two feet on the board. Only one needed. I can do tons of other things with the other foot that you couldn’t do if you were riding a bigger board.



Looks really nice, should be very stable at high speed.

I also think the wedge shape is very innovative, wind resistant shouldn’t be a problem.

This could be the new form factor that takes the industry to next level!


I am willing to work with you and offer you my idea. I am also thinking of removing the front wheels and learn to balance on the back ones, for even less friction.


We need a race between you and @longhairedboy


It’s on. @longhairedboy. Winner gets a free LBH board.


You better be ready to eat your words. Turbo Penny is serious shit! Looks like i’m going to be collecting Pennies on race day!

To quote my 2 year old son: “You wanna fight? We get on fight train?”



Haha penny vs penny that sounds good. Mine supposedly does 35km/h. This one looks like a beast as well haha.
But it doesn’t have two different size trucks and wheels so yours it as a disadvantage =/


that’s true. You have the lifted rear end which will give you a pretty serious advantage.

I can barely stay on that penny though… lol

its a feat of acrobatics just riding that thing in a straight line but it will do more than 25mph