FOCBOX Documentation



Hi everyone,
I would like to build my own Eskate using enertions FOCBOXES. I was looking around for a detailed documentaion of all its Pins but could not quite find one. I would like to use cruisecontrol and was wondering, if I can implement this in the FOCBOXES or if I would have to program the remote to give a continous signal. Furthermore I would like to use the 5V 1A pin on the FOCBOX to put some LEDs on. Would it be possible to control this pin with the remote like an ON/OFF Switch? Alternatively would it be possible to control all this using the RX/TX Serial communication Pins on the FOXBOX? It would be awesome if you could help me or point me to any tutorials I may have missed.



Hello, I would recommend asking this on they have many knowledgeable people that can help you out. This forum is for prebuilt boards so there arnt many here that know how to help you.


Ok, I will, thanks


Shortcut to most of the vesc related information