FOCBoxes? I waited for months for this?


Just thinking out loud here. And I’ve also grown to love to play the devils advocate here on the .club site. So here it goes…

I hit the purchase button and paid money for this…

And then I received this…

I’m a little perturbed about it because it looks nothing like what I already have (I own 6 FOCBoxes formally known as VESC-X’s) and it looks nothing like what I purchased. They soldered in a useless receiver cable that has the possibility to short if it’s just dangling there. This unit was supposed to be used in a dual config as the slave. I have no need for this. It also has the tiniest bullet connectors that no one else uses. Which in the web pics it’s clearly shown without bullet connectors. Considering the crazy warranty bs about NOT being able to change the bullet connectors without breaking warranty to the same size connectors that 99% of our brush less or hub motors use today. It also has a black heatsink instead of blue. I love black. I actually like it better but again, that’s not what’s being advertised. And it’s not what I expected. I wanted to blue to match my others. But that’s just me being picky. :wink:

So what do you guys think? I think that this is a blatant form of false advertising. I know this isn’t what I purchased and waited 4 months for. And it’s definitely not what’s being advertised on Enertion’s website. From what it looks like to me, they will always be asking for money up front from customers if they keep on like this. Ask me how I know… :slight_smile:

P.S- I really don’t want any arguments or hostility here. This is meant to be constructive. I really want Enertion to do better as I remember them doing a couple years ago. It seems to me that a little money has changed their view on what is and what isn’t acceptable for us as the consumers. That really sucks!


I agree the not being able to change bullet connectors is bs it’s like buying a car and the dealer telling you that you voided your warranty cause you changed your wheels…

The wire for the receiver is a better design imo but like you said they need to update their pictures.


Open it up and check to see if the thermal pads touch the fets


I definitely will.


I’m definitely down for soldered on receiver wires. Way safer than the normal jst or whatever. But I’m pretty sure as a standalone device that should be up to the user regardless. There’s no reason to have an extra receiver wire (dual config. just as the R2 is sold) unless splitting PPM. But that kinda defeats the purpose of canbus, the app they promote, ect… Not my biggest gripe about it though.


The warranty should definitely still cover the focbox after direct soldering or changing to other bullet connectors instead of using the original bullet connectors. How are you supposed to use them otherwise?

An update of the warranty policy and pictures would be great.


The product has been upgraded and refined over the Year… you the first should know @SeanHacker… People were having a lots problem with unstable connection over the PPM Cable, because of the pin where too short, so instead of having a long connector that will be in the way of everything they opted for a soldered cable instead. Which also is more useful, because it doesn’t rely on the customer to buy is own cable, one less hassle. As for the Bullet, don’t forget guy Enertion sell the part for the Raptor, not for the DIY community, they are selling a complete board now, and the Focbox are ‘‘replacement parts’’.

But the at the end of the day Bullet or not people will always complain, specially when you spend a few undred dollars from your own pocket trying to help there stupid ass.


I should be the first to know? How so? I’ve been purchasing these since their release and these look nothing like what I’ve been buying. The FOCBox is NOT designed specifically for the R2 dude. You should know that. I purchased 8 of them before the R2 was even a thing. I do like the business aspect of what Enertion is trying to announce them as now. It’s a cheap way of escaping warranty claims. :wink:

I don’t think companies run good business on the thought that we as the consumer should “just know” when we see pictures, read the paragraphs on the website for the product, and then purchase what is supposedly posted on the website. That’s like you ordering a black BMW online and then you receiving a gold Lexus. And then me saying you should “just know”.

I do know that people will always complain no matter what. That is a HUGE part in business. It’s expected. What isn’t expected is the product to be the opposite of what is purchased.

P.S- I asked for no hostility and for this thread to be constructive. So calling people stupid seems to be the opposite of that. Lets not take things there please. Happy Easter dude!!!


he meant that enertion got out of the DIY biz, and that the focboxes are now sold as replacement parts for the R2.

that should be made clearer on the site though.


you could make a bullet adapter, or just find another company that sells VESCs.


Yep. You’re definitely right. I get that. But its not stated anywhere on their website. When I purchased or anyone purchased for that matter, this information is not posted anywhere. It’s why I’m calling this false advertisement. I work in the manufacturing/distribution industry for one of the largest in the country right now. The largest in China also. We own buildings all over the globe including Australia where this company actually began. If we did this type of thing we would be in a whole world of trouble and have to bring out the football field of attorney’s that it takes to clear these things up.

This is actually a legal issue that I haven’t even begun to delve into yet. One that they have no leg to stand on at the moment. I’ve been saving that argument for when Enertion tries to be rude, hide posts/threads and say that my negative comments (which are fact and truth) aren’t productive. I’m sure when they realize what I’m doing they might thank me. Considering I’m not coming down on them with what the laws of business state. :slight_smile:


i think that they need to relax on the bullets voiding the warranty. it’s a bit too customer unfriendly. i think that the focbox is really well designed, but there’s clearly some QC issues. (I can provide photos if necessary. I had a friend make a quick repair. In the process of that repair we found that the thermal pads were placed on the heat sink incorrectly. we corrected that on our own.)

jason should also remember that the builders are the ones who gave him all of his initial support. if you’re a builder, and you bought his raptor 2, then maybe there should be a little slack when something breaks with the R2.


Just did. Not sure how much it matters if the thermal pad is on the fets, but half of 3 of them weren’t even covered. Looks like whoever is doing thermal pads just said “f it” and threw them on however. I readjusted the the pad to correctly cover the fets. Thanks for letting me know!!!





Damn… That sucks.


yours look fine though


Just for the Information

Sean’s order placement date: 27 Nov 2017 (Around 5-6 months earlier)
Enertion’s post and email about discontinuity of DIY parts ( is about 9 months earlier

You can also navigate to this page from Enertion’s website
More>FAQ>Announcements>Press Release: Enertion moving away from DIY parts business
I hope this helps :wink:


true, but just update the product description to say something like “Replacement Focbox for Raptor 2” and people won’t be able to complain


Oh, and does this mean that you guys are going to start selling the hubs by themselves? :heart_eyes:



FOCBOX is mainly for Raptor 2 use and replacement now but customer still buy it for the DIY purpose. You can read it on the provided link.
We have discontinued the complete support to DIY and some of the parts.
Even Raptor 2 wheels can be used as DIY.
And for any confusions, Live chat support feature was/is always there 24/7 :slight_smile: