French regulation

Hi All,

Tomorrow French driving regulation will be updated, and strong restriction will kill our hobby here:
Individual transportation vehicule (category on which Scooter, boards, gyropods belong to) will have to be limited to 25 km/h by design and own lighting system (front and rear) approved breaking system (probably electric breakingwill not be enough, perhaps they will require disc brake),
driver will have to get approved helmet, and wear yellow jacket or reflective and approved clothes…
riders will have to be 12+
riders will have to use bicycle line only or road when bicycle line are not available…

if you own an engine able drive faster than 25 km/h (by design or because you’ve jailborken it) even if your board is not running or a board w/o lighting, breaking system or not approved one, you will have to pay 1.500€ (first time) and then 3.000€ each time!!!
So guys, before to spend your money into board, check regulation, France is dead!

Una verdadera lástima ,para los que amamos el monopatín electrico