Full Raptor 2 Review-5 Months Of Riding



Ordered a Raptor 2 in May 2017. I had to wait just a few days over 13 months but it finally arrived in June 2018. This was my first eboard but I’ve been skateboarding my whole life. I’m 36 years old and 135 pounds. I still need to get my total weight with all my gear.

Only rode in slow mode for about 10 minutes then started learning RSpec. This thing is a beast! What an adrenalin rush. I was very scared at first as well! Did a 10 mile round trip to the grocery store for lunch, what a way to live!

All the complains were the same as others. Bad wheels, cheap remote and the screen is hard to see. I also was only getting half the range I should be and had charging issues so within 2 weeks @barajabali got me a replacement battery and BMS. I was really stupid when reinstalling this and kneeled on the display cracking it (not the outer glass piece). @barajabali just sent me another display at no charge, I soldered it in myself! I love these guys!

Bad range on a warm, windless summer day. Lots of full throttle. Smooth bike path:

Now here is the range I get. This is with brand new wheels, freshly greased bearings, 34˚F out (cold), 12 MpH winds with half the trip around the lake having a headwind and refraining from full throttling. Smooth bike path:

I also had an issue with the metal plate against the rear truck sliding backwards even though the truck hardware was so tight that the silicone was deforming. I had to fix this myself with Loctite double sided outdoor mounting tape. That cured in 24 hours and now it can’t budge one tiny bit! One of the small cables got damaged a little bit from the plate moving so I used paintable liquid electric tape to fix it. It was very minor damage and I’m glad to see they’ve reinforced these cables with additional shielding (I think).

A few months later my Nano-X stopped taking a charge after I left it in my car in the hot sun (don’t do this) for only a few hours. It must have only been 115˚F in the car. They have since upgraded the battery and BMS in the Nano-X. They sent me a new remote but it took a very long time!

First I wrapped the handles in black tennis racket handle wrap but it got damaged when I crashed and the board ran into the curb. Per @Battosaii’s suggestion I wrapped the handles in paracord and wow does that look hot!

Finally got new wheels a few weeks ago. These are SOFT! The front wheels wobble (97mm) but I’m going to ride to see if they break in, but they could be imbalanced from the whole center of mass (not just the outer edges). Also I don’t know how long they are going to hold up for. I’d like to continue riding but then I got a bent axle. :frowning: I went over railroad tracks too fast (at night didn’t notice them) and I WOULD have ridden away from it if the axle didn’t bend because I felt the board turn hard to the left then I fell 10 feet past the tracks. Enertion is sending me a replacement truck…

Which is EXACTLY why I wear what I call an “Iron Man” suit. TSG Pass helmet, EVS G6 ballistic jersey (chest, back, kidneys, shoulders, elbows, forearms), Schutt football padding (knee, hips, tailbone), Fox Titan Race knee/shin guards, Fly full finger gloves. Showers Pass waterproof backpack that can hold 17" laptop. Pepper spray, Wonderboom speaker and bike horn.

I fell a few times before the Iron Man suit and got bad road rash on my forearm. It’s also very important to know how to dive head first towards the ground and then to tuck ‘n’ roll out of it to avoid your arm getting broken. I’ve practiced this since childhood because it was fun. The other most important lesson I learned is that you do NOT have a list of things that are not allowed but rather everything is not allowed until it is on a list of what IS allowed. Much safer this way. :smiley:

Need to clean up the griptape and do a trick I learned from Buffalo ESkate. Apply 3 thin layers of black appliance epoxy, then apply hydrophobic chemical. Keeps it nice and clean, dirt/mud should just slide right off.

I’ve been riding this beast to work every day that I can and I’m sad that the snow is here. Whenever it’s dry out though I don’t care how cold it is, I’m gonna ride!

Got shredlights, not impressed with them, going to get that rear light for the bike with laser beams and a light bar in the front (both have been posted on this forum). Still need to adjust the brakes at higher speed and try other bushings customized for me.

I have an electric car so I bought a 2 amp charger that will work on the Raptor 2 so I can charge it from my car while camping. While my car is charging somewhere I can ride the raptor, then while I drive to next charging station I can charge the raptor in the car. Rinse and repeat. :smiley: Oh and while camping I used my raptor to drag 70 foot long dead trees for fire wood. :smiley: I regret not getting video of this. :frowning:


A fun read.

Can’t imagine waiting 13 months for delivery. My WowGo 2s arrived in 10 days and I was anxious at that.

Thanks for the warning about train tracks. I always carry my board over train tracks.

Yeah. Agreed. I’m unimpressed by the Shredlights, too. To light up the road at night, I carry a 6", 50,000 lumen (a pair of car headlights are 5,200 lumens) flashlight in my free hand and severely limit my speed. And, I hang a flashing, red bike light on my backpack and flashing, white bike light facing forward on the backpack shoulder strap.

BTW, love my original WowGo so much I bought all the WowGo 2s hardware to build a 2nd board of my choice.

Ride safe!


Great, honest review! Thanks for taking the time to write it and share your photos!

I think it goes to show that the help is there if it’s needed, but young companies are constantly evolving (excuse the pun!) so unfortunately there will be a lot of teething problems as most of us know about. However I feel the video content Roan and Jason have put out to date is industry-leading in terms of transparency etc. The concise newsletters go a long way too.

…I actually really like my ShredLights! They’ve never failed or fallen off the mounts. They light up the dark areas of Southsea where I skate here in the south of the UK. Their new GoPro mount option will help with a third light source as well. Of course different towns/cities will vary with available street light so having a really bright light is a bonus.

Looking forward to more updates if you have them @bdog !


I will definitely post an update but I only got to ride on the soft wheels for about 3 days before the axle broke and the snow fell. After I’ve had a few weeks experience with the wheels I’ll post.


Dude if you ever do this again, share it to us. The people would love to see this on Instagram/Facebook!


I WILL do this again, I’m planning on it. :smiley: