Futuristic VS Generic/Normal


So many amazing electric vehicle concept cars hitting the market soon/now! Some look UBER sci-fi & futuristic, some stuff just looks more normal or common.


TESLA MODEL 3 - Looks fairly normal


BMW Vision Next 100 - Looks very futuristic

Do products of the future need to look futuristic?




What design aesthetic do you prefer?


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@onloop Jason as you know new things always come with new problems, the electric car competing with Fossil fuel cars is new enough and if im paying $30-$100k for a Product id rather they use Tried and tested aesthetics that has worked and been developed for decades rather than new things made by designers that dont consider serviceability of the vehicle and many other things because i want it to work and be reliable.


Yeah, It’s true… The human form hasn’t changed, Roads haven’t really changed, Use case hasn’t changed… so not much need for design to radically change.

I think material strength & weight, cost of manufacturing, safety features etc will continue to be refined & optimised, maybe even 3D printing cars will be viable one day.

Features such as; four wheels & four doors, four seats & center console, these things are pretty much standard & i cant really image a modern car not having this stuff… so the physical size & shape of a car has been well defined due to these necessary & common features.

Car from 60’s

Car from 80’s

Car from 2000



It’s a balancing act. Cars need to look new and fresh, but not too radical or else they will be too polarising and shocking. One reason for Tesla’s success is their cars still look fairly conventional, albeit sexier, so as to gradually win over old style thinking customers.
PS I have a deposit down on a Tesla Model 3. :smile:


Any idea what the estimated delivery in Australia is?

I’m tempted too.


I put down a deposit on Day 1. April 1st, 2016. The latest estimate is late 2018, early 2019 for RHD markets. By then they should be pumping them out at several thousand a week, so even if you put down a $1,500 deposit now you wouldn’t be waiting much longer than me.


I want the X


Not much of a wait for them. $140k + though.


YUP! Ridiculous, the main reason i don’t have one :slight_smile: